Sunday, 11 January 2009

Orange UnsignedAct- The wild card edition

Why is there no gap between unsigned and act? I don't like it! I'll get the grammar police onto it right away.
So there was a bit of a change to the format this week with the show taking place live in the studio; not very handy for me, as I taped it and didn't tape the results show which was on later, as I didn't know there was one- dammit. I see Alex James is trying to rework his 90s hairdo; nice try, but the cheese-eating catches up with us all, Alex. You can't fool us that way. And no rubber trousers this week? Sob. I live to see 40-year-old fading Britpoppers in amusing fetish-wear. The record company guy, Simon Gavin (look I wrote his name down and everything) was giving it the whole Peter Jones 'I need you to put my kids through school' schtick tonight. But you have Duffy for that, so no dramas.
Scarlet Harlots were up first; the lead singer wearing a lovely patterned tracksuit top. That song did seem quite appealing; a noisy old catchy mess. I like his Ian Brown posturing and jigging around.
Aw that was a bit cruel when Dennis the Menace's dad said Fangs were too old. They have sunglasses on, so you can't tell that! I have those sunglasses, they cost £2 from Primark and went out of fashion around May this year. I didn't like the song they did today, but I liked some of their other ones, and they were were at least interesting, if a bit derivative. (Did someone force the audience to clap in time like that? That was peculiar) Ageist Alex James said, 'That was a stonking riff, man.' Oh dear. Cos that's how all the kids speak, innit, blud?
I like Klaus Says Buy The Record, he's cute and quirky, like a mini-Patrick Wolf in his shorts. I like the fact he barely looked up during his song. I liked the folkiness and the lyrics (and his hair). He is too niche, though. He took a leaf out of Will Young's book and hit back at the judges; hey, it's worth a try.
Sleeper Cell (awful band name) are mindless pop-rock. Like little boys playing at being a band. The song was catchy, but so's syphilis. I'm too old for this. The name 'Barnaby' speaks for itself, really.
I liked Pyrelli's first audition, but his last one (where he got voted out) was a bit lacklustre. Today he did the acoustic one again I think, which I enjoyed at the time, but he was putting on an American accent at times today, which is a bit rich when he's clearly English and works in a shoe shop. It sounded kind of plodding and 'take her number down, why didn't I?' is a rhyme-shoehorn even Yoda would blanch at.
So I had to look on the website to discover Scarlet Harlot's made it. Hurrah for them, they deserved it. Now if all goes well, I should be attending the live show next week so I should have some behind the scenes info. It aint the Oscars, but it's more fun. If I get to ask Alex James something about cheese, life will be complete.

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