Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Celebrity Big Brother 2009: Weakasaurus (consider me a turtle)

I'm like a blog machine this week! You can tell I live alone, don't you? I DO have a life, honest! *eats chocolate orange in bed*
Michelle STOP CRYING. What's the opposite of sympathy? That's how I feel. She could get voted out if she doesn't put a sock in it and then we'll be stuck with Tina.
God, I hate Tommy. He's so pointless. He sucks up air time like a hoover, and gives us nothing back.
I liked the toy outfits. I've not seen ONE PERSON in jail yet! What a waste of time.
It was weird when those kids came in and sat on Verne's scooter; what a liberty! God, let me never have a baby if it makes me blub at the mere sight of any given child. (Oh yeah, and they are scary and stuff.)
Task quitters! Mutya is surly but she's hardly scary. 'I aint being nobody's clown' she said, with red painted cheeks. Terry threw himself wholeheartedly into his task. Even Tina fookin' tried, like.
Verne's crush on Michelle is sweet. No one's really clocked it either (in there).
Do you know what I hate? When they announced the noms and all those voted for went 'yes!'. That's not the spirit of BB! They are meant to want to stay IN! Urgh. I hate these celebrities.
I actually think Ukrika and Michelle hammed up how upset they were with what Coolio said. He just spouts shit; butI have seen worse from him. They did well to play it up. Haha even Coolio was shocked he didn't get nominated. Everyone was too scared to nominate him! Ha, I loved Coolio saying he was not talking anymore! Whilst talking a lot. He's come out with some great phrases tonight. If he used his brain; he could win this show. I think he's too much of a loose cannon, though.
The bit where Terry was ticking him off in the ashtray was hilarious! Coolio is a big baby. His sulky face was great. At least Michelle tried to talk to him.
I love Verne's Hollywood stories! I wish we could hear more. But Coolio yaps too much.
PS: On the live feed last night Coolio and Terry were in the bath together! It was cute! It was interesting when Coolio said his kids wanted to play with Verne because they thought he was a kid. It was kind of touching and interesting. Verne is always going on about computer games! He even said he skipped Christmas and played computer games instead of seeing his family the other day. That's lightupvirginmary levels of anti-socialness.(I have insomnia right now: I wonder if it's BB related?)


Anonymous said...

wow! your a fanatic of BIG BROTHER..I love the show too but some things that the housemates did was so suck.

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