Friday, 23 January 2009

Celebrity Big Brother 2009: The Final: Return to Svender

I've been waiting to use that title for weeks, and now it makes no fucking sense! Thanks Ulrika. Thanks a lot.
I have to admit I started running out of steam with BB from about Wednesday. Watching people who don't want to be somewhere is depressing. It's like being at work again.
The final dinner felt a bit empty; Terry calling Ulrika stuck up, Ben being conceited, Verne moaning about women, Coolio and Terry scratching each other's backs.
So the Ben-doll was first out. Who voted for Ulrika over Ben? Ben is dull as fuck but at least he's blandly pretty. Maybe Ulrika got the women's vote?
NOW LISTEN. OK Davina. I'm listening, but nothing of interest is being said. Ben's interview was notable only for him staring misty-eyed at himself during his best bits.
VERNE in 4th?!! WTF! That was a genuine shocker. Davina did some GOOD patronising. Verne did NOT deserve to be 4th! Beaten by Ulrika, who did nothing but grumble the entire time. Verne shoulda been second, cuz. Denied!
I'd not seen Verne grin before; he looked very happy in the limelight. I liked him appreciating the crowd! Verne was pretty cool. His best bits were definitely top quality.
Shocked Coolio was third too. How did Ulrika beat HIM? Were the public taking revenge for the anti-Brit chat? I have to say I'm not that upset that the 'bitches/hos' contigent got the elbow, but Coolio was good value. He put his heart and soul into it.
Terry! Terry! Terry!
Interesting that adversaries Terry and Ulrika were left. Best of British? She's Swedish, you munt!
Coolio was OK in his interview, I liked his sun and moon crap and he looked quite snazzy. There seemed to be a fair bit of booing.
And so. Ulrika-ka-ka won. Er... HOW? I think they got the results mangled up in the wash. RECOUNT!
Terry was charming and cute. He put in the time and amused, entertained and educated every night whilst Ulrika snoozed. I liked the fact he didn't apologise for calling the voters thick. I want to be his friend! Davina, 'There was one small error that could have cost you the whole thing.' Yeah, Ulrika winning, even though barely anyone likes her!
Ulrika must have come out of that house thinking we'd finally taken her into our hearts. Actually, most people were just genuinely baffled. I supported Ulrika from Day 1, and I always liked her on Shooting Stars, but I was disappointed with her in the house. She was depressing. If anything she avoided getting involved and that should not have been rewarded.
Davina is right; Ulrika was unwilling. WHY did she win? Nobody knows! Her eyeliner was good, but her dreary harping about her kids and husband was just snoozies. AND she was high-handed. Was it a feminist backlash? It can't be! I'm a feminist, but even I have my limits.
Weirdness. I've never seen such an odd result. What does it mean for the future of BB? Will Terry get a TV show? What will Ulrika do next?
I think my boyfriend summed it up with 'those fireworks are misplaced'.
I don't know, but I'm going to blog about some more high-brow shit in future. Things are changing around here!

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* (asterisk) said...

I'm looking forward to the high-brow shit, LUVM. Terry was robbed.