Thursday, 8 January 2009

Celebrity Big Brother 2009: Ready for a go

Christ, Heaton looked a little ropey without her slap on. She laboured that point about Ben once AGAIN, Coolio said sorry; what more does she want?
Coolio said Tina looked 'hot and ready for a go.' Charming as ever. Tina says, 'A lot of women need to be drunk to be able to fuck without inhibitions.' Speak for yourself, love, not womankind. You seem utterly without inhibition anyway.
After my dietary brainwashing yesterday, it struck me today that Lucy Pinder looks like a young Claire Sweeney. I hope Ulrika stays over her, although she is coming off like a cold fish at the moment. I wish she'd be a bit warmer and funny, as I know she can be.
Terry was liking his king role a lot, but I think a lot of his schtick is tongue-in-cheek and no one really holds it against him. You can get away with a lot if you have a bit of cheeky Northern charm.
I guess Ben from A4 got revenge on the girl who rinsed him on a date by calling her out on TV. I can't bring myself to hate him; but he's really just a better-looking H from Steps, no? There's nothing really going on up there. He just looks like someone I might have gone to school with; I can't get too excited by it.
Latoya in a Jester costume was very, very sinister. I didn't like that at all. And it wasn't helped when she was mentioning ho's. Ho's!!! Does ho's have an apostrophe? I have no idea.
I can't believe Ulrika slapped Terry! How funny. I'm glad they didn't make a big deal of it.
Coolio seemed more bearable today in small doses.
Tommy worrying about being 'portrayed' a certain way with Michelle was pitiful verging on worrying. How does it 'look bad' to have a dance with someone? I'd be fairly comfortable with my boyfriend hugging, giving someone a peck, lying next to someone on their bed and so on. If you are trustworthy; you can't be 'portrayed' a certain way. Because you have integrity. Ah, I see, that's the problem.; they have none.
Ooh did I see a crack in the Ulrika mask during the task? She looked upset. Tina didn't look too fookin' happy either. The reason Terry gave Ulrika for nominating her was lame. He should have just said he was jealous of the money; that was the truth, I believe that now. He made himself look a little silly there.
The fact Tommy brought that thing up again was just him trying to get attention and be sexually threatening when Michelle just sees him as a silly old man. And why was he putting on rubber gloves at the time? The mind boggles. Whichever way you dress it up; he's a creep.
Ulrika; it's kind of boring to hear you're just there to do a job and you're not going to give us any more of yourself. And maybe people WILL keep you in, just to make you suffer. Because we're accommodating like that.


johnifer said...

Hiya! Sorry, I've been lurnking on your blog some more but not leaving any comments but I feel I must make comments as I'm a nearly religious watcher of BB (had a small crisis of faith last year with the weird new format they tried for BB but that's all).
These are my thoughts - Lucy may be insipid but I prefer her to Ulrika because she's quite nice and she doesn't annoy me, Ulrika ACTIVELY annoys the hell of me... can't quite put my finger on why.
I love LaToya, HATE Coolio and think Tina is one of the most repulsive people I have ever seen and that's not just because of her face... She's ugly on the inside and she oozes ugliness. I could just piss shit and vomit simultaneously at her rankness (her phrase, not mine). Ha I've rambled enough now I think.
Love the blog,
Jen x

lightupvirginmary said...

cheers for that; I enjoyed terrys history knowledge on the live feed last night, it's a treat to have someone withba brain in there.