Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Celebrity Big Brother 2009: 2nd Live Show

I can't bear to hear Coolio talking anymore. I can't stick him. Michelle was over-reacting but Coolio is very childish and confrontational. It's weird to hear Michelle Heaton described as 'shy' and not 'drunk' or 'orange'.
It was a bit unfair during the task that Terry didn't get to clarify. It made him look a right chump. I'm not surprised everyone saved puppy-dog Ben. He does seem very NICE. *shudder*
I thought this show was a big let down personally; it wasn't particularly tense. What was the point of Davina even doing it? They should have hoofed someone out immediately.
So that was it.
PS: It suddenly struck me that Mutya looks kind of sexy with all her tattoos and stuff. Is that wrong?


Red said...

Regarding your PS: Yes, very wrong. I hate that shit in her teeth.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling it too, I could stare at Mutya all day.