Sunday, 18 January 2009

Celebrity Big Brother 2009: The Game is Afoot

A word on yesterday's show. It felt like one of those where they chopped out more than they kept in, this the highlights seemed jumbled. Sounds like there was a lot more of Verne's rampage we missed; shame.
Mutya leaving was a bit of a downer; can't say I blame her, though. The man/woman divide has been depressing to watch. At least she had the balls to go rather than harping on about it and not following through.
La Toya's innocent mask is starting to slip a little; some of the things she says I agree with, but was she trying to set Coolio against Terry?! Not cool!
Coolio's 'she's one of them girls who forgets her boyfriend when she gets drunk' about Michelle was true; but Ben should have defended her. Coolio lying on the floor with his legs open was just crass. I don't think homphobia or racism would be treated so casually as their constant sexism (and I include Verne in this too).
On the live feed on Saturday night Ben also said he'd 'do a gig for the BNP.' Lush! Terry was right about the integrity thing, after all.
Tonight's offerings; I don't know if I believe La Toya's conspiracy against Michelle; because the public DON'T vote for cry-babies.
Michelle: 'what does pensive mean?' How do people get to be so thick? I really don't get it. I went to a crappy school, in a crappy town, but I read a sodding book every now and again. I genuinely don't know any thick people. I just wouldn't allow it.
HA! Ulrika asking Ben out to WRITE songs! *snort*
Tommy! Pish off. Why was he being such a dickwad? Oh and shave your back, it's disgusting. And he started on Ulrika for nothing. Is he on the blob or what?
Ben's song was a bit naughty, saying Michelle was wet for him! Was there a glimmer of personality there behind his dead, pretty eyes?
The song they did was alright; Verne's mullet was good. 'I hate this song/ I hate this task/ vote for me or I'll kick your arse.' was a touch of genius. I liked La Toya's afro as well.
Why does everyone hate Ulrika? She is a little officious but she's not THAT bad. Tommy, on the other hand, is a complete and utter cock-rash.
Terry's Ulrika-grudge is a little wearing, too. Get over it, dude.
PS: Coolio's statements always make the best blog titles.

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