Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Claire Sweeney: My Big Fat Diet

I know I'm watching a lot of TV this week but I'm ill, so you know, please excuse me for not having a life. It's pathetic I know, but I'm feverish, so it's this or the Nurofen nightmares.
I don't really get the premise of this programme; Claire Sweeney's 'radical nutritional experiement' in giving up all self control; to eat what she wants, when she wants. Yeah, I do that every single day. It's not that radical. In fact, it's pretty damn easy. Apparently this makes me a 'human dustbin'. Haha. It's too true, actually.
Like most people; I can't stand Claire Sweeney. My mum in particular doesn't like the way she blows a whistle (?!) But hey, let's give her a chance. It's not her fault she's northern and has an annoying face. She seems friendly enough.
She weighed 9 stone 13 pounds at the start of the 'experiement' (she's 5'8). Her body did look very good in a bikini I must say.
There is something extremely patronising about the idea of people (no, let's get this right, women) eating what they want as 'spoiling themselves' or 'being naughty'. I live in a disgraceful manner, and should be an example to no one, but I'd rather be a human fucking dumptruck than the kind of skinny dullard who cries if they eat something more calorific than a polo mint. The idea that being 'indulgent' is such a crime is actually very damaging to the psyche, and especially danaging to women. (As an aside, I read the always offensive colour supplement free with the News of the World this week which was a 'diet special' solely aimed at women and raving about how fabulous various skinny stars looked, the clear message being, you'd better starve yourself too, if you want to be accepted on this planet. No thanks.)
The idea that you have to be monitored by a medical consultant to eat what you want is rubbish; I've eaten nothing but crap my entire life and I have perfectly normal blood pressure and always have done. I've never eaten a vegetable in my life. It's like Morgan Spurlock's doctor saying more that one McDonalds a week is basically going to kill you; I lived on sausage and chips every day from the ages of about 10 to 18 (alright, make that 28). Your body just gets used to it. It's dramatic changes in diet or lifestyle that cause problems. If you've always been a slob, your body just deals with it. The patronising manner of the 'experts' in these shows directly contradicts the evidence of life as we know it. I'm not saying that I'm not going to have health problems in the future, because I'm quite sure I am. But this 'health' message is tacked onto the real agenda, which is body fascism, and is quite a different issue to any genuine concerns about health.
The underlying message is about 'guilt' about eating; I've never felt guilty about eating anything in my life. It's my body. If I'm overweight, it's my fault. But I'm not going to feel guilty about it.
The gratuitous shots of Sweeney eating ice-cream and chips as if she was some strange creature are just alienating for normal people. Her friend said 'she normally stops me from eating too much.' If my friends started telling me what or how much to eat I'd seriously wonder if they'd lost their marbles.
Her alleged 'love handles' and 'pot belly' looked non-existent to me. What kind of message does this give to our anorexic youth? What's the meaning of the show? You'd better fucking starve yourself, or else! That's all it seems to be. A lesson in fear, and an utterly unrealistic one.
She put on nearly a stone in three weeks, but that wouldn't continue. Your weight levels off at some point. I don't put on a stone a month and I eat what I want. I put on a stone every year or so. Once I get a double chin I'll actually do something about it, but my face is maddeningly skinny, so I just pretend the rest of my body doesnt exist! I'm still pretty from the neck up, so that's the main thing.
The bit where she went to LA was abhorrent; as if that's any sort of barometer of sanity. The fact that they want you to be a size 2 or 4 (which is a 4 or a 6) is actually sick. It's pre-pubescent and not possible for the average human with hips and boobs and you know, working kidneys. Claire Sweeney's body looked perfectly normal and attractive. In Hollywood they do not like shapely bodies, they like the more boyish look. Well look at fucking BOYS then. Women have curves!!! Again I did not see the point of this section of the show. Hollywood has unrealistic ideals. This is not a good thing to be stuffing inside women's heads. In fact, it's downright dangerous. The message of the show really seems to be; if you do what you want, and eat what you want, you will be ugly, so you'd better fucking toe the line and starve like a good girl. Her 'friends' came round after she'd put on a stone and a half and said 'I can't even look at you'. I'd say 'well fuck off then, you shallow piece of shit.' What a prick. I'd rather be friends with a tub of Ben and Jerry's than that vain twat.
Does Sweeney even consider that people with REAL weight problems, ie. people who's dress sizes start past the teens must feel listening to her mither on about how fat and disgusting she is? It seems like gross insensitivity.
The moral of the story? Eating too much makes you fat. But hey. I'd rather be Beth Ditto than Gillian McKeith.


Shep said...

I'm still handsome from the eyebrows up...

Cynnie said...

more me more tits :)
just dont look at the ass ..dont do it!

Anonymous said...

I think others will see this as just another girl ranting on and on. true that may be, but i doubt the media will really beileve so... maybe
beacuse they see as a target, the strong prey upon the weak. pride to feal they are better, to show dominance, or someone to take their frustrations out on... sadly as much you may type, i really don't think you or others truly feel better about themselves... "oprah" peer pressure...