Thursday, 22 January 2009

Celebrity Big Brother 2009: They Make 'em Tough in Compton

They FINALLY chat about Jacko! La Toya gave Tommy SUCH a look when he mentioned Neverland. Coolio: 'He had a giraffe, cuz.' Heh.
Man-child Terry Christian did some armpit licking! I know some people who quite enjoy that sort of thing. So that's two things that are thick and salty so far.
I liked Coolio in his swimming cossy. He was in a serious sulk. Verne's task was pretty crap. He's only got tiny lungs so it seemed a bit cruel. I didn't get why they were laughing so much. I like it when Coolio is all protective over Verne.
Ben seemed like he quite enjoyed that granny-snog!
I liked Ulrika's joy at Tommy's suffering. 'He's in so much pain, hahaha!'
Verne looked like he was sitting on a throne as L&T were evicted. I thought Ulrika looked pretty tonight. Yes, she WAS happy when La Toya was evicted. Dur!
I liked Verne menacing Ben on his scooter. Verne plus scooter plus booze equals fun for all the family.
This time tomorrow, it's done.
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