Sunday, 11 January 2009

Celebrity Big Brother 2009: Ho-magnet

What is the difference between ho's, bitches and women? Tommy said there's no difference! Haha. He was trying to get on his high horse today, but it wasn't quite working out for him. yelling 'Pish' at Coolio wasn't exactly reasoned debate.
How come Coolio is allowed in the house when he has a criminal record? So us plebs would be banned for that, but he's OK, because he's famous. Coolio calling women 'ho's' and 'loose women' for wearing mini-skirts is deplorable; but I'm not in the least bit surprised that Coolio doesn't get called up on it, sexism is considered perfectly acceptable in all walks of society, and if a woman even tries to defend it; well, it was nice knowing you.
Mutya let herself down by colluding with him. But again, it's very common for women to have those sorts of self-hating views. All too common, in fact. At least she had the nous to realise men don't get called those sorts of names.
Tina complaining that no one stands up to Coolio (whilst not standing up to Coolio) was tragic. I can't believe he brought up the Michelle and Ben thing again. It's just painful. Poor Ben hasn't got the gonads to fight back and Michelle seems uncharacteristically quiet. Verne was kind to her. I think he has a soft spot for her.
I thought Mutya looked cute again in her lycra; what's wrong with me?! And she had stubbly armpits too; nice. Actuually Michelle looked alright too and seemed like a good dancer; why am I saying these things?! I loved the camera panning up and down everyone's body; Verne looked good in pastels. Coolio looked like a children's TV presenter. Tina; not so much. Ben looked about as gay as anyone I've ever seen.
Coolio's takes of smuggling weed through customs didn't go down very well, did it? Terry is OBSESSED with Ulrika's fee!!! He's like Luke from last year banging on about the cheque. I feel sorry for Ulrika a bit. I think she's just naturally a bit cold and Terry has a bee in his bonnet (I wrote this before Ulrika even said it!) about her, it's almost like some inverted snobbery. I wish he'd stop because he's my fave and it's making him look a bit bad.
Tommy was a bit nosy with Verne about his dwawfism, but let's face it we all want to know. Does he have a shortened life expectancy, I wonder?
Nominations talk; on Tina's father's grave she did not mention a single name. Except... she did mention Ulrika's, didn't she? Ho hum.

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