Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Celebrity Big Brother 2009: A Distant History

I was glad they got to watch the Obama-rama. They showed it at my work and I chipped off home and everyone looked at me like I was Satan. I saw in the laundrette after though, which was much more fitting. I liked it when he fucked up the speech a bit. It was cute.
The American task, however, was boring as shit. It was such dross. Tommy is the worst Big Brother contestant of all time, like someone you don't like from work being in the house. He has no entertainment value whatsoever. I liked Ulrika getting snappy with him. He's a DICK!
Rodeo: don't land on your nose, La Toya! I'd rather have seen Verne in it.
It was moving watching them watching the inaugauration speech. I'm glad Obama said that about non-believers, what a step forward. Terry seemed less impressed with history than usual! Did Coolio turn on the tears for the camera? Maybe he did and maybe he didn't, but I don't mind either way.
What was up La Toya's arse? She can see the TV can't she? Zenophobe! Verne: 'if it wasn't for us, other countries wouldn't exist.' Eh? God Save the Queen dude, we invented you! Who was he moaning about, Terry? As usual, the important stuff gets edited out.
It was interesting to hear about the American national pride; one of my most dearly-loved friends is American and I remember being gobsmacked by her national pride and love for her country. I know it's beaten into them, but it's something we can never really know.
I wasn't surprised La Toya was evicted, you know. I mean, who would pick up a phone and vote for her? But even so, more people voted for TOMMY that her? Hells bells. She does have a damn good body for an old dear, I'll give her that. Shame she looks like Jacko in a (different) fright wig. Ooh, she got a big cheer.
La Toya was very considered in her interview, and gave nothing away, surprise, surprise. She's a funny thing (obviously), a strange coquettish thing. But she must like the attention a bit? Davina licked her arse good!
Tommy: 'thank fuck for that'. Yeah, right, BROTHER. Boooooooooooooooo. I can't believe Davina still says that 'it's all panto' schtick. No it's not, we hate you!
There's nothing to say about his interview because he's nobody's nothing. Back to obscurity for you, dullard. PS. Davina should have asked him about that stupid thing he said to Michelle about them dancing together. But then Davina should ask a lot of things she doesn't.
NB. I liked Coolio's live feed speech last night in which he ranted incomprehensibly about how a little kid from India or a little Buddhist girl could grow up to be prime minister of England one day. Hehe.
PS: I have not seen ONE PERSON in the specially built jail in BB yet. Really, what is the fucking point? Endemol: fail.

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