Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Trinny and Susannah Undress

I like this show, there is something strangely evil yet heart-warming about it which is an interesting combination. Trinny and Susannah are sadistic yet loving. Why people put themselves forward as victims is mysterious.
This week they followed a young couple from Corby (poor bastards: I once went out with a bloke from Corby and thought I was going to get murdered in the bus station on the way home). Amanda and Joe and had been together nine YEARS, since they were 14. God. If I was still with the person I'd dated since I was 14 I dread to think what my life would be like. I'd probably be living in fucking Corby, too.
The funny part was, they dressed much as me and my boyfriend dress (actually, I lie, the guy was smarter than my boyfriend). The girl had a similar figure to me (short and a bit overweight- except she had the excuse of having had two babies- mine is down to crisp consumption). I quite liked what she was wearing at first actually. T & S said they dressed to young for their ages (23!) I'm 27 and still dress like a teenager so they'd probably burn me. My boyfriend at least has stopped wearing the baggy trousers he used to wear (and looked like he'd stolen from a tramp). I've tried to modify his wardrobe, but you just have to give up in the end, and be glad that at least he's good-looking, if not stylish. In fairness, he hates my clothes, too (even if he wears them sometimes, haha).
Anyway, as is tradition in the show, they got the couple to go shopping for each other. She made him look like a typical Topman twat, in a duffel coat with one of those ridiculous knotted scarves (we call them scunts= scarf-wearing cunts) which he proceeded to wear indoors for dinner. He bought her a yellowy-green smock dress which was perfectly fine but she cried and said she looked 'slutty'. She didn't. She looked perfectly normal. T & S sensed self-esteem issues and pounced.
It was quite emotional when they did the (normally gratuitous) bit where they get naked and I actually saw the point of it today. It's so hard the way couples get so screwed up. It is REALLY hard to communicate well in a long term relationship. Relationships are a nightmare! Morrissey has the right idea, I tell you!
The results, as expected, were horrible. They sucked the personality out of the boy. What is it with SCARVES? I managed to get through a whole winter without wearing a scarf once. You don't EVER need to wear a scarf indoors. I hate them!!! They are as bad as sunglasses.
The girl looked frumpy. I prefered her pink cardigan. Her lack of self-confidence was awful! She was pretty, had a nice boyfriend, for God's sake. Pull yourself together.
Actually they looked quite good at the end. I take it back. And he proposed! Awww. I'm an old romantic at heart.

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