Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Big Brother 8: The Food Police

Well, well. The fish thing was quite funny and could have bonded them together had they had the slightest bit of stamina about them. But sadly they didn't.
Tonight's show was hard work and made my blood pressure rise. Nicky's constant moaning about food is beyond a joke and she is not being edited unfairly; I watched a lot of the live feed today and all I could hear was her going 'They'll be sorry when the food runs out' and 'I'm not miserable, honest, am I?' YOU ARE MISERABLE. YOU ARE A MOANY BITCH AND YOUR WHINY VOICE GOES RIGHT THROUGH ME. SHUT THE FUCK UP. Let the food run out for God's sake! The world won't stop spinning on it's axis. People will just get hungry and moan. You're moaning anyway. What's the difference?
I even found myself coming down on the side of Charley. Nicky did wind her up and watched her go. If I was Charley I would have stuck one on her. The way Nikki laid into Chantelle over a piece of toast was unbelieavable, and then topped it off by saying, 'I don't give a shit.' Clearly you do! That's why you never stop going on. Seriously, she's worse than Science! I don't think I've seen her smile once. No wonder she's a man-hater, she has probably driven every man she's been with to distraction.
I love Gerry and was annoyed with Tracey had a go at him for nothing. They all talk about nominations. So what? I liked it when he covered the twins ears when the fight kicked off. Carole and Tracey were obviously both really affected by the nominations. It was good to see Tracey let the front down, however briefly.
Ziggy is clearly struggling in the house and I think it's only a matter of time before someone gets a fist in the face. My money is on Charley. I could really relate to her when she went off on one then screamed. Unfortunately she completely blew it when she made the mind-bogglingly immature statement along the lines of 'I'm an east Lahndahn girl and I've got more outfits than she can dream of.' Put some on then.

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