Monday, 18 June 2007

Big Brother 8: Kiss n Tell

A very enjoyable BB tonight, I thought. I am still getting to grips with the new boys in the house, but that is fun in itself. Jonathan seems to be trouble: I felt very protective of the twins when he described them as 'deliciously shallow'. Yes Jonathan, and you've got a phenomenal beer-belly, you patronising cunt. I'm sure even they can tell 'shallow' is an insult, whatever way you dress it up. I believe the twins are genuine, and I couldn't stand them at first. You couldn't keep up that act 24/7 and they seemed genuinely baffled by him. Just because he's jaded doesn't mean everyone is. We should rejoice at naivety, I think. Bragging about how loaded he was just showed him up, too.
I believe Nicky that he is making her feel uncomfortable; he did seem to be mentioning her rather a lot, and calling her a 'kindred spirit' in the diary room was a bit much. Seany probably thinks he's a kindred spirit with Wacko, but the moonwalking molester would probably just call him a stalker. Careful there, Jonathan. Still, it's all good telly. Having said all that, Nicky is still a whiny bint, but she looked good in red lipstick.
Brian! Top marks for not trying! Still liking his bumbling stoopidness. Although I caught him having a semi-coherent conversation on the live feed today so they could just be editing him to look the fool- hahaha! Those devilish editors. Ok, not really.
I haven't warmed to Billi, and didn't like the fact he was compiling a hitlist of the girls to bed. He's one of those blokes who's convinced himself he's good-looking just because he's stood in front of the mirror and chanted it repeatedly. Billi, I have to break it to you. It's not worked.
Contrary to what the dim majority seem to think, I hate Liam! I hate his scrunched up face, and my boyfriend said he looks like Jimmy Nail. He also sounds like Jimmy Nail (Liam, not my boyfriend). And he was dissing the twins too! Leave them alone. Twinist.
Charley's showing off in front of him was plain hide-behind-the-sofa cringeworthy. Honestly, someone, put a sock in her. How do they cope with it? I'd cry. 'You've got an attitude problem!' she bellowed at Laura. Charley, my friend, you make Laura-the-grave-robber seem as cheery as Ant & Dec on happy pills.
So, onto the gay snogging. I LOVED it! It's suprising really, because I always find ugly men snogging in public a bit of a turn off (clearly its different if they are good-looking! I'm deliciously shallow, don't ya know). But I felt genuinely touched by it! The arms around the necks! Seany's delightful purple cardigan! Then they did it again! Will they? Won't they? I don't know, but it's a damn sight more interesting than the disintegrating Chanelle and Ziggy sideshow. I feel my views are becoming out of kilter with popular opinion. Hurrah!

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