Monday, 4 June 2007

Big Brother 8: Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Batman*

Well, BB was a bit dull tonight. Nicky didn't even get a party, they just gave her a dumb hat. The dinner dates could have been genius but just turned into a vague bitching session with Zigah smarming all over the laydeez. He's definitely keeping his options open, mainly because Chanelle (I learnt how to spell it at last), bizarrely doesn't seem to fancy him. How can she not? Blonde, Beckham-esque, mildly famous. Match made in Heat. I'm sure he'll turn her head eventually if Charlie doesn't climb into bed with him and wank him off in the meantime.
What else? Leslie: just go home. Shabnam, just go home, you're neither intelligent nor a nutcase, you're a crashing bore.

*this is a Christian Bale reference. Get it?

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