Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Big Brother 8: Babyliss Wars

BB is still entertaining, but the rot has obviously set in and they are all sick of each other. The hair straightner thing is really annoying. Girls are not divided into the following categories: bimbos, strippers, fat, and vain. Unfortunately BB would have you believe different. Some girls care about culture, politics, science. Some girls have brains and ideas. These girls are not in the Big Brother house.
Rating them was bound to make sparks fly. It gets on my nerves that Lesley is considered intelligent just because she's old. Many old people are less intelligent as me. Even so, Lesley is the smartest in the house. Tracey arguing with Shabnam was funny.
Ziggy is just as bad as the girls. He plays games, bitches, flirts, winds them up. If a girl had pursued a group of guys like Ziggy has schmoozed the girls, she'd be labelled everything under the sun. Conversely, I enjoyed the sexual assault of Ziggy. Obviously this wouldn't work if it was a house full of men trying to pull a girls knickers off. That would be quite wrong.
Emily is a master game player. She slags people then acts innocent. She DOES look down on people. She does say sly things to upset people and then goes 'what? What did I do?' Please. You know exactly what you're doing. But you have undertones of Katie off The Apprentice and that's no good thing, even if you are the best looking.
Chanelle's fake crying, whinging is really boring and she's dull. Laura annoyed me by being a bitch, she's gone down in my estimation. I'm trying to like Nicky, but she doesn't half moan a lot. I mean, I moan a lot, but hopefully I occasionally provide the odd laugh.
At the moment the twins are looking like the most reasonable housemates and that's plain crazy.

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