Saturday, 16 June 2007

Big Brother 8: At last it starts

So after another 'highlights' show they couldn't fill (despite all the petty arguing), they decided to stuff some more men in. About time, too. I actually felt sorry for Shabnam for leaving. I thought Carole stabbed her back a little bit about the whole banana issue. I think a few people in that house are quite scared of Charley. I would be. I'd still shout at her though.
Anyway, onto the men. First was Billy, a model, apparently, but with that nose, I don't see how. The worst hair since Seany. It looked exactly like a wig. I fucking hate men who use hair straightners. Could there be anything more emasculating? Didn't seem to have much of a sense of humour, or anything interesting about him. I can't see the girls going for it, so what's the point? Obviously it's early days so let's not judge too early. Ha, just kidding.
Jonathan 'the old guy' seems like an interesting character and could he be the one to stand up to Charley? I think he will be one to watch. PS. He's not going to get off with Carole just because they are old, for fuck's sake. He is a MILLIONAIRE! (How long before he mentions it?)
Liam, the tree surgeon, is obviously the new totty for the bimbos (the twins in particular looked like they'd just discovered a new shade of pink). He seems nice enough, but he's not my type. I think there will be fights over him as he seems quite down to earth and good-looking-ish. Will Ziggy befriend him or kill him? I think he'll keep him on side.
And finally Brian, who makes Ziggy look like he could genuinely be 26, and not early forties. This is the oldest looking 19 year old I've ever seen. He also appeared to have a mild form of retardation. Our worst fears were realised when he walked through the door and said 'Charley!' and she said 'I know him!' An ally for the trap on a stick. Just what we need. Actually, it is just what we need, it might be interesting. He seemed harmless enough, just thick. It is annoying when they all have met before in auditions though, it's not like in the old days when they were all innocent, is it? Conspiracy! Boo!
And then Shabs was gone. Her interview was probably the most annoying in Big Brother history, I just wanted to stick tape over her mouth. Davina was being a total cunt, too.
Anyway. Let the fun/ murder begin.

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