Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Big Brother 8: Your Fixer Upper

Who goes? You decide. Nah, you don't. Big Brother does. But you know this. As Charley was in the firing line this week, Big Brother conveniently 'punished' her by discounting her nominations. Happy days! Am I bovvered though? No. Cos I'd rather she stayed in than Billi the Flid. She's making me laugh lots these days in between gunfire yapping.
I was glad Chanelle nominated Billi. Well, everyone nominated Billi. What a gameplan! Well done, matey. Sterling work. His nomination of Nikki because he didn't fancy her was particularly grim.
I enjoyed all the fights when Big Brother kept them up. Delirious and snappy is the perfect combination for a housemate. Ziggy calling Tracey a 'stupid cow' was great even though they both wanted to stay awake. I was very disappointed in all the quitters. No one likes a quitter, do they? Jonathan was the ringleader of the losers. Respect to all those who wanted to stay up (including the twins). I notice Tracey wasn't as hardcore as she'd made out when push came to shove. Special mention of hatred must go to Laura, what a fucking waste of space she is. I want Ziggy to punch her face in.
Brian really is king of the divs, but it's fun to laugh at the village idiot, so sod it. Why is Liam favourite to win? Except for the occasional barb he's fucking wooden. I'd be checking his pulse if I was in there.
So, another dead cert eviction on Friday. Guess Billi's not going to get his delivery of girls after all. Shame. Better luck next time, you twonk.

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