Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Apprentice: No bones about it

Well, what a shocker. We were CERTAIN it was going to be Orangeina. I think Alan forgot his medication. All those shots of him looking lovingly at Kristina throughout her presentation. They set us up.
Simon is absolutely useless. He designed a building that looked like a gigantic sex toy. It was perverse. It was a three-way stimulator for a horny giant. An enormous penis. 'I play the joker and the fool.' You don't play it. You are it, you grinning buffoon.
I think Kristina thought she was going to win it, too. She was totally done over. I am shocked.
So where was Katie? Did she not want to come back and lend a hand? Shame.
In other news, I wrote five blogs today. Do you think I got over my internet withdrawal now?

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* (asterisk) said...

I didn't hate either building, and I sort of saw the twist coming, but I still think Sralan made a big mistake. He's still sore from that girl from last year screwing him over.