Sunday, 3 June 2007

Big Brother 8: Trendsetters and Name-Droppers

A very interesting BB tonight, and having the psychology show on before was good because it got me in frame of mind of psyching these babies out. The clash of Charley and Emily was intriguing. Charley: 'When I wear something the next week everyone's copying me'-yes, that's because you are a FASHION VICTIM. Those are the styles all the slags wear, love.
On the indie front, I was surpised to hear that Emily actually INVENTED the trend of wearing skinny jeans! Amazing stuff. 'I don't think people have the balls to wear what I wear.' You're not exactly Bjork in the swan dress, are you, Emily? Can people really be this narcissistic? Slight redemption came when Emily dissed Charley for being a name-dropper. Charley pretending to not know what she meant was classic. So well done Emily, because I wouldn't dare get on the wrong side of that mardy, vain, aggressive, spoilt cow.
Nicky and Charley's row was less interesting, it had been edited so badly I couldn't even tell what it was about. Charley didn't help herself, she just came over as boorish and mean-spirited and her Vicky Pollard-esque speech in the diary room didn't help. 'I don't suck arses!' There's a difference between kissing arse and just having plain good manners. Try learning it and people won't despise you so much. PS. Anyone who repeatedly starts sentences with 'I'm not being funny, but...' can just fuck right off. It's like an alarm bell that says: 'A cunt is about to speak.'
Chanel's no-pants routine worked quite well, and getting her scent on Ziggy's T-shirt was a cunning move. I was slightly disappointed he fancied her, but then I remembered he was in a manufactured pop band called Northern Line ('kind of pop'-no, exactly pop, Ziggy, don't pretend you had rock leanings just because The-Founder-of-Indie-and-the Skinny Jeans trend asked you) so integrity wasn't exactly high up his list of concerns. I'm sure they will make a wonderful, shallow couple. Having said that, they both seem alright. Just bland.
Leslie (Lesley?) is annoying and I hope she does walk but I suspect it's just a ruse to get attention. Just fuck off Leslie. I predict she will still be in the house by Wednesday.
You should have given Ziggy your bed, too. Her call to arms for everyone to 'perform' was also annoying; that's the last thing we want to see.
So, there's not another eviction til Friday? When will they put the other men in? They need to speed things up a bit because all the women (plus one man) is still not that great. A massive part of BB is the flirting and interaction between the sexes. Give us the other men. And make them good!


* (asterisk) said...

I know, on that skinny jeans comment. I was like, um I wore them 19 years ago, luv. BB: So shite you can't help but watch... just the way we like it.

* (asterisk) said...

Actually, I think it was 21 years ago. I'm more of a trendsetter than I realized!