Thursday, 7 June 2007

Big Brother 8: 'It was a misunderstanding'

So there it was. One word. One little word and bang. I was dreading hearing it, actually. It was a hiding-behind-a-cushion moment. But Charley was right. Words like that don't 'slip out'. Words like that are either in your vocabulary or they're not. A part of your life, or not.
In a way to me it seemed less bad than the transcript. But my boyfriend thought it was worse than he expected. It wasn't really joking. It was to put her down a little bit. I don't think she meant to be cruel. But I don't think she realised the power of the word.
The fact is, Emily has constantly considered herself above everyone in the house. She is intimidatingly beautiful, well-spoken and up until now, smart. Her own arrogance was her downfall.
If you're on the fence as to if Emily should have gone, take a look at the shock on Charley and Nicky's face straight after it was said. They were stunned and hurt. There was something really human in Charley's wounded face that she couldn't hide with words. Emily looked like she didn't give a shit, almost bullying them to shut up and forget it. I don't buy the 'everyone says it round my way' thing. It must have been heavily mentioned in the application process, too. Emily was extremely foolish, if not intentionally hateful.
How weird was it when Charley and Emily rounded on Shabnam? Charley whispered the gossip in Shab's ear, then acted like she hadn't. That was super strange. Charley was clearly scared of Emily and taking it out on Shabs. The way they rounded on her (the weakest person) was plain frightening. It's interesting how both Charley and Shilpa before her tried to cover up for their antagonist.
The bedroom scene where Charley denied that the comment had been racist was very intruging. It took ages for Ziggy to cotton on. (His crying didn't move me either, he's just as bad as the girls, then blames them for making him bitchy) Charley could go far from this whole situation if she plays things well. I'm not sure if she will, though, but I've certainly seen a more vulnerable and likable side to her (for now).
Nicky, miserable as she is, is coming out of things very well. She seems extremely level headed and sensible and fair. She should go a long way.
And so a sleepy Emily was dispatched. I enjoyed seeing the shock on her face when she realised that she couldn't wiggle out of it by going 'It's not fair!' or 'You've edited it wrong'. She did say sorry though, which was to her credit, but I should hope so, too. I feel sorry for her a bit. She is not on the same scale as Jade, or Jo, or Danielle. There was no vitriol in her. Just ignorance.
Emily will be missed by me; her face when something disgusts her, her red lipstick, even her skinny jeans, dammit. I did respect the bitch in her and she's more interesting than at least five other housemates in there. I think she genuinely did like Charley, she just thought she was better than her. Ultimately, she wasn't. Not a nice girl, not a lovely person with a good heart. Good luck avoiding the poison arrows, Emily. You'll need it.

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