Thursday, 14 June 2007

Big Brother 8: Hunting for Witches

And so the show stopped being entertaining and instead descended into being exactly the kind of bitchy catfight the producers wanted, except for no fun whatsoever. Is there anything duller than a fight about food? Yes, a hundred fights about food.
The weirdest thing about this lot, is they even attack people on their own side. Literally anyone is fair game to shout at or be rude to. It's mind-numbing, it's annoying and it makes me scream at the telly.
It really is impossible to work out who I hate the most. Nicky for being intelligent, yet the whingeyist (no, that's not a word) contestant in BB's history. Charley for being the thickest and the vainest, topped off with a serving of cuntiness and a complete lack of self awareness. Here is a woman who orders fags instead of food, says that's why she's the thinnest, and then minutes later has a hissy fit because she wants some bacon. Did her brain not compute that previously? Shabnam, for being the most pointless, personality-void fame seeker on earth. BB have given her a platform to promote what? Fortune-cookie theories on life a a fat dose of faux-nuttiness. I genuinely can't work out which of them I want to punch first.
The rest aren't much better. Please, put some more men in. Please. Please.
I can't stand another highlights show of this, and I know we are going to get another cos I saw Charley and Shabs fighting on the live feed today (sound cut, of course). When there is no one to cheer on, what is the point in watching a war unfold? It's just irritating. Even the bit part players are annoying and unlikable. The only ones I can barely tolerate at the moment are Gerry, Chantelle, Ziggy and the twins. Laura is the second most depressing contestant on earth (after Nicky). Carole: gross. Stop filming her in her bikini/ underwear. Tracey- boring. Pull her string, hear her say a stupid phrase. Seany at least has a character, even if it's not his own.
The water fight was funny. Just give them booze, food and some men to flirt with. And gag Charley. Ta.

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* (asterisk) said...

Sounds like someone might be giving up on BB...? Got to at least watch the eviction, though.