Monday, 18 June 2007


Ooh, I could get a job on The Sun with that shitty pun. Clearly I'm the only person watching Eastenders so I feel I have a duty to inform you of the barking goings-on.
In the most ridiculous plot of the year Rob and May kidnapped Dawn and planned to cesarean/ kill her for the baby. Never mind the fact they got divorced last week. Never mind the fact, if they've been planning this all along, it was the most elaborate and hole-ridden storyline on earth which involved living Rob punching May/ living with Keith/ losing his job? None of it makes ANY SENSE WHATSOEVER.
Anyway. At least it was stupid fun. All soundtracked by Embrace! At least it wasn't Morrissey as usual. I don't think he'd have wanted any part of the whole proceedings.
The end was like a proper slasher movie: I half expected May to rip off her face to reveal some monstrous, drooling ogre.
Why didn't Rob just settle down with Dawn? It would have been so much easier.
Still, I quite respected Dawn when she beat him up. You go, girl.
So does this mean no more May? What a shame. She's a convincing villain and I like her (in a weird way). But seriously, how could ANYONE want a baby this much? She'd probably be bored of it in a week.


Anonymous said...

Apparently the reason the storyline is all over the place has to do with Madeline McCann. They were originally going to let Dawn have the baby in hospital and then May kidnap the baby afterwards. But that was considered disrespectful in light of recent events. So it got botched around and ended up the complete nonsense that we saw last night. However, i did think it was a very good episode! Who knew Eastenders could do such drama!

lightupvirginmary said...

yeah I'm off work sick at the mo and the guy who plays rob was on the wright stuff this morning and said he'd left the show and had to come back to reshoot it. I'm sure their other storyline would have been just as batty!
Corrie recently had a missing baby storyline- they obviously couldn't be bothered to reshoot!