Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Big Brother 8: Older, wiser never applied to me

God, how annoying has it been being off work with tonsillitus the same week my computer goes in for repair? I even went to work this morning (mainly to check my emails!) and was sent home immediately for looking ropey. I have now been signed off by the doctor. Horray. Unfortunately, my throat still hurts. A lot.
On the plus side, I managed to hook up my boyfriend's Mac to the internet. Another day without reading about Paris Hilton on Tyler Durden and I would have killed myself. I missed Charlie Brooker. I missed Digital Spy. How could I form an opinion on Seany without knowing other people's? Hahaha, just kidding. I still miss Last FM because it won't work on this fucking shitty computer. But at last. I can blog.
So, Big Brother. Was it a work of genius putting in two gay guys or was it a smug, short-lived trick by the BB producers (clue: it was the second). Having said that, I think the people they have put in are interesting characters. Gerry is clearly a loveable, flawed hero who will win the hearts of the nation. I can't see him getting angry about anything. Everyone loves a friendly gay man and he is not too cliched (i.e Marco- die). I'm still trying to work out who he looks like but I know it will come to me eventually. Spud-faced Seany, on the other hand, is a whole different kettle of fish. Alarm bells rang when he rolled his eyes at Gerry in the diary room approximately four seconds after meeting him. Laura shouted 'It's a clown, it's a clown!' and she was kind of right: so garishly dressed he must be trying to hide something. When he pulled off Lesley's covers, it was confirmed: Seany was a wrong-un. But since then something interesting has happened. He seems openly affectionate with Gerry. He wants to share a bed with him. Seany is a mass of contradictions, a straight-acting gay man in day-glo and as such, one to watch. Don't get me wrong, I hate him, but he's a good housemate. I just hope he doesn't end up upsetting Gerry. And I hope he does end up upsetting everyone else.
The other housemates reaction to it all was also intriguing. Lesley left and I was glad. She was witty but she was downright rude and she annoyed me at times. Carole could push off too as far as I'm concerned, she's not that funny and the washer-woman thing is a drag. And look at the thanks you get, Carole! Up for nomination. Let that be a lesson to all downtrodden housewives.
Ziggy is a brilliant housemate: what he thinks he portrays on the outside is so far off what he actually is, and it's brilliant. His face gives him away and his constant bitching whilst blaming 'the girls' is laughable. He's the biggest girl in there. Still, I love him. I think he was glad of the gays really. Does he really like Chanelle? For now, yeah he does. Does she like him? I dunno really. I feel sorry for them, they are like a cut-price Romeo and Juliet!
Nicky and Charley are really becoming a drag: could Nicky be the most depressing person on earth? It's a shame as I liked her at first. Charley's 'yeah but no' speeches are funny and I'm glad she's in for another week but only because I want her to punch Chanelle and then get booted out. Laura! You were my pick to win! What a moany old bag she is. I hate her! The girls ARE jealous of Ziggy and Chanelle, otherwise why would the stick their oar in? Just let them get on with it. Mind your own business! I wanted to fucking strangle Nicky when she said 'I don't mean to be condescending but I am older and wiser than you.' What a stupid fucker. I absolutely hate people who say shit like that. Chanelle's mother is a murdered prostitute, Nicky. I think she's been through quite a bit. My mum is twice as old as me, but half as smart. My dad's the same and he can't even spell my name. Older, wiser is bullshit. If older, wiser was true that makes Des O Connor smarter than Stephen Fry. Ich don't think so.
Shabnam to go this week, please God. What an awful, vacuous waste of space. Has never said one word of the slightest significance. 'I'm nuts!' No. Pink eyeshadow does not a headcase make. You're fucking boring. Get off my screen.
What else? Nominations. I thought Gerry was very astute about Tracey. She does freeze people out. I still like her though. She just needs someone to bounce off. I really like the twins now, I think they are really funny, and probably lovely. They will go all the way too as no one will nominate them.
God it's felt good to get all this out. I feel thoroughly purged. Thanks for listening.


* (asterisk) said...

I've given up on BB now.

lightupvirginmary said...

awww don't give up on it! Or at least get the experience vicariously through my blog. :-)