Sunday, 31 July 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK 2016: Victim blame game

Oh no, so much airtime for Saira tonight by the looks of things. She's annoying! Show me more Frankie! I put a fiver on Frankie today at 22/1. Call me crazy if you will.
Renee is the Michael Jordan of giving blowjobs. How is that ascertained? Sounded like she was changing a lightbulb from her description of it.
Nice try, Lewis, Marnie wants a bit of Bovey, not your 90s-curtained arse. Him touching her hair and taking about her lack of make up. Subtle as a brick.
Saira wants to teach life skills - aka being a skivvy - to Marnie.
Biggins is confident about pulling off nominating someone by singing 'simply the best to them'.
What is Heavy D wearing? A Hawaiian shirt TWO PIECE. BOOM! He's pleased he's got immunity. I'm not.
Saira busting out 'say it to my face.' To Bear: 'You find pleasure in hurting people?' Bear: 'I find it quite funny.' Saira wants everyone to be like her. She wants 15 Sairas in the house. It's quite rude to ask someone if they've ever punched someone or if they're violent, I think. Also, they might start with you.
Marnie and Bear are teaming up as victim of Saira's one-woman interregateathon. In the DR she's saying she's got the vibe that Marnie and Bear hate her, yet she still wants to go on endlessly at them. WHY.
Frankie's looking a little haggard today as they reveal the task to Biggins. I like the way he handled it. I still suspect he knew all along.
Ooh, new task. SHITSTIR. Renee is exempt on medical reasons. Let's hope she's not got David Gest-itis. Game of phones: see what they did there? They're obsessed with phone booths on BBUS and BBUK. Gunge! I can't be bothered to go through all the questions, but Frankie got gunked, so what more do you want? Although Aubrey had her dog's sperm frozen 'after jacking him off'. WHAT? 'My gay hairdresser did it, it was so fierce.' WHAT THE FUCK.
Saira and Marco: joint hall pass holders/givers. God, I miss Marco. Still reading his tweets on a weekly basis sustains me. Saira is 'now having good sex'. Bet she's not.
Fraubrey are in the diary room (Frankie and Aubrey). I'm putting Frankie's black and yellow leaf jumper on the chic list. They are perving over Bear. Bear not even cute with his mouth shut. Frankie on Bear: 'I think he swings both ways.' LOL.
Saira is attention seeking, bemoaning that she always tells it like it is. Ha to Saira telling Heavy D to exercise more! How fucking rude. Let it be noted that Saira created this row if it kicks off.
Ha to Saira saying she 'doesn't talk down to people'. NOT MUCH. Ha, they are all confronting her.
They are sitting round the table, they haven't got her by the throat behind the bike sheds.
I think Bear is right that Saira WAS trying to trick Beat into looking bad. What he said wasn't out of context. It was the exact same context as it was this morning. Saira: 'I don't think you need me to make you look bad.' That was rude.
Heavy D was not in anyway 'threatening or aggressive.' She's only saying that because of his size. Neither Bear nor Heavy D were aggressive (t.m. Daley). In fact the most aggressive person in that conversation was Saira. Saira is victimising herself here. Implying Bear might punch her was quite a stretch.
Saira: 'I've been through more shit than you can imagine.' Ugh. You don't know what anyone has been through, shut up.  Then she goes to the DR to cry.
Renee: 'Of course as a man you belt people.' Ha! She won't go out with a man who won't punch someone. Weird.
Saira thinks Bear is an 'aggressive, violent person.' Where did she get that from? She's mental. She's reading things into people that aren't there.
Aw, Heavy trying to make amends with Saira. She's so ungracious. I hate people who can't accept apologies. I don't think Marnie is helping this situation either, yapping off. Marnie is half attractive, half Michael Jackson. Her face looks rubbery, she looks botoxed to fuck and her nose is weird. Her old face looks like it was probably nice, though.
Saira is playing the old card, and the mother card now. How dare she tell Marnie she's different when she has a drink. Tough shit. Marnie has been perfectly reasonable here an Saira has acted like the nutty bat that she is.
I love Renee saying 'what could you argue with Bear about? He's a young goofy prick.' LOL.
Why would you bet Marnie to say she's got better boobs to Saira when you know Saira is wound up anyway?
Oh shit! When Marnie waved her boobs in Saira's face! Not the smartest move after tonight's row. I feel like that was sexually intimidating or something? I wouldn't like someone waving their boobs in my face. I'm sure most men would, but that's different. That made me not like her very much at all. Something a bit sinister and mean about that.
I really wish Saira wasn't immune. However, I think she may follow Brian Belo over the wall, or John James out the fire exit.


Unknown said...

Think it was HEAVY D, and some others who were egging marnie on to do what she did to Saira with the boob thing .
Saira be out next, if not up for eviction next time .

Unknown said...

Very noticeable young old divide tonight, Marnie getting egged on by the others, wind her up like a clockwork doll then they sit back blame free.

Anonymous said...

methinks sairas seen the jade goody/shilpa poppadom series and thought mmmm thats the way to win the racist card,im a proud muslim lady blah,blah,blah...fuck off