Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Big Brother UK 2016: Annihalation week can do one

Where was the ANNIHILATION yesterday? All I saw was ssssssnake Andy being confusingly given immunity, despite the fact everyone seems to hate his guts. I thought it was ONE PER DAY. You have let me down, Big Brother, and not for the first time. Although I'm not adverse to Andy being immune. Andy should be in the final.
So from the 'coming up' I think Jayne or Jason must have gone, right?
Jackson is perching on eggshells. 'It's kill or be killed.' I can feel a Bright Eyes song coming on. Is it me or has Jackson become super annoying lately? I could tolerate his fake romance and the gangster chat, but him trying to be the man of the house is a step too far.
Andy and Jason are whining and eating in the garden. Andy: 'The most popular people are not the most deserving.' Well, that depends.
Lateysha: 'It's basically stabbing people in the back.' No it's stabbing people in the front.
Jason is annoyed that Jayne is looking forward to the annihilation. Hopefully he goes.
The housemates are returning to the splinter chamber.
Button pushing time! Who's going to be the next Marlon/ Luke Scrase/ Conor? My money is on someone like Laura or Evelyn but Andy and some of the others could easily have it in them. Sam even.
Jason, Jackson, Hughie and Laura all pressed! Jackson was just shaking his head all pious. Laura said: 'It just kind of happened.' Not for the first time in the BB house. Evelyn had her hands BEHIND HER BACK. That's good willpower. They should have read out the names of all those who pressed. OMG Jason was first! 20K! He's gonna evict Jayne! 'It's not about the money, I'm doing it for survival reasons.' Whatever! OMG! 'The reason I choose the other person is because I think that person's going to win it and the person has had a lot of attention.' HE EVICTED LATEYSHA. MELTDOWN FORTHCOMING. The reactions were AMAZING. Nearly up there with 'David's dead.'
Lateysha is in there for 'more of a reason' than anyone. Why exactly? OMG it's gonna kick off.
Lateysha: 'Now you get to see the real Jason.' I've seen it since day one. Ryan: 'RUTHLESS!'
Ooh, Andy is backing Jason! Gameplanners sssssticking together.
Ryan: 'It's not a tactful decision.' True, ha. 'Why her?' Why NOT her?
Jason: 'The easy option would have been to go for Jayne.' That's so true. Who SHOULD he have evicted?
Jackson yelping: 'It's wrong! was hilarity.
Jason: 'I don't think she should have left a nine month baby at home.' OMG! What a rotter! This guy has been playing the game for WEEKS!
Lateysha is taking it quite well, I think. I'm surprised she's not angrier. I hate all the righteousness about this. Lateysha doesn't deserve it more than anyone else. Ryan: 'She's in here for her career.'
Jason's beleaguered act is gonna get thin fast. Andy is LOVING all the heat being on Jason for once.
Ryan dropping the baby bomb. Ooh!
At least Lateysha looks nice going. She's going out with her head high.
Jason drives an Aston Martin! Who knew?!
Sam: 'There was something always wrong with his eyes.' Hahaaa. 
Andy said he would have evicted Lateysha too. I think he would have evicted Jayne.
Jackson and Alex crying about Lateysha going was brill. Alex, just admit you want to fuck Lateysha and stop being so vain. They are playing maudlin music. Is she not going to say goodbye to Andy and Jason, haha. LOL they're all using Lateysha's perfume in her memory.
Lateysha: 'It's been an emotional headfucking, shit eating experience.' It's good to go out like that in a way because people will always go to her, 'You were robbed.' It's good to go out in an unjust way like that.
Jackson saying he would have evicted Jayne and give her 10K.
Jason got his revenge for Lateysha calling him a gameplayer, by making the biggest game move so far.
Jason: 'I've done everything in her for everybody.' Like what?! You've done nothing.
Alex with his hand on Evelyn's forehead: 'Do you reckon she's a keeper?' CREEPY.
Laura is annoyed with EVERYONE. Me too! Why is Laura so annoyed with Jackson of all people? Evelyn is calling bullshit on Jackson's reasons.
Jackson is defending his family name  (Blyton). I love that Evelyn is piping up. About time! Evelyn: 'Let's be honest, we're in a fucking gameshow.'
Alex: 'Everyone is in it for yourselves because it's only yourself in here.' The new Oscar Wilde here.
Alex in bed with Evelyn now his real love Lateysha has gone.
Jackson is modelling the Drugs Inc bandana. He needs a hockey mask also.
Andy is in the DR handwringing and gloating. He thinks Jason is 'very determined.' I'm sure Andy was not sad to see Lateysha go. Andy called Lateysha 'it' at the end. Niiiiiicccee.
OOH all housemates up and VOTE TO SAVE. That is GOOOOOOOD! Clears out the deadwood before the final. Nice one.

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Unknown said...

From the replay that big bro showed about pressing the button I'm sure another housemate pressed it 1st.
Jason would have been at risk of going had he not pressed it .
Not sure why many of the housemates are up in shock once Jason said Lateysha. Whoever pressed the button had to name another housemate to be evicted .
It was wrong of Jason to criticise Lateysha for going in the house when her child is away. Each to their own . But that sounded so nasty what Jason mentioned that . Nobody got no right .
So no more anilation , what a crap week. Just 3 lots of it .
Chelsea 1st, Andy (Immune), wrong to give anyone that .
& finally 3rd the button pressing with Lateysha gone . Jason could be at risk of going Friday as if the public are either agree with what Jason did or not . That's what it is going to make Jason go or not .
Let's face it there's plenty of deadwood in house : Evelyn, Alex, Laura .