Sunday, 17 July 2016

Big Brother UK 2016: Boos and jeers

Andy staves off his stiffy by thinking about Margaret Thatcher. He's so uptight that you think that would turn him on, the Iron Lady.
Hughie on Jason in the DR: 'He's not fun, he's horrible and not in an entertaining way.' ie. like Andy.
The boo/cheer ratio being discussed again. It's endless.
Jayne would give her 'eye teeth to be booed' as she hears silence when her name is called.
Andy can't work out why Laura is getting booed. Jason could 'hazard a couple of guesses.' He's disapproving of her 'getting her tits out.' You can tell Andy's annoyed with him. Jason says he's going to 'start smoking, pull my fingernails out, stick pins in my eyes.' Sounds like my Sunday night so far. I love Jason saying the sunlounger is 'too far away.' That's my boy! Andy is so done with him, ha. But he has no one else to speak to.
Jason is upset about getting boos and jeers. Better than boos and cheers, right? He's trying to work out what it is he's done. Nicked 20K and evicted Lateysha? Oh and played a big part in Ryan's eviction, upsetting Hughie in the process. It doesn't take Inspector Winston to figure it out, misery guts.
Jayne and Sam are laying into Jason too, ha. I love the fact Jason is the house leper now, not Andy.
Hughie's never been in love so doesn't know how it feels. Aw. Seemed like love with Ryan to me. Even is it's just Big Brother love, followed by magazine deal love.
Andy now bitching about Jason, ha. Andy sunbathing is an ugly sight. Andy should be banned from taking his top off. Andy: 'Bananas are amazing.' They're OK.
SICK BUCKET. Hughie puking over the shampoo was funny. But what is a vom task without Ryan?
Evelyn eating a banana through tights and vomming was like a pay per view type thing.
I liked the way Jackson read out the instructions for the task. Hughie agog at Sam deep throating the banana. That's the most interesting thing I've seen Sam do in the whole time he's been in there. He's so trying to be Ryan in this task. Ugh.
At least Jason can pronounce 'lather'. Andy less good at deep throating. Why is everyone slapping Hughie with the fish? Fuckers. Andy did good gaming there though, cos he also called Hughie most attractive by licking his face.
Jason gulping orange juice and going 'shame we're banged up in here.'
Sober Evelyn doesn't want to kiss Alex, but drunk Evelyn has a different mind.
Put your top on Andy, the vom task is over. Especially in the diary room, it's a hygiene issue. Andy now putting Jason on blast for sulking. Hope they show the house this. They haven't really shown anything on screens yet this year.
Sausage rolls and cocktail sausages, that's my sort of party. *stands by the buffet*
LOL at Andy's makeover. The Dappy hat is not good. It's like when Derrick Levasseur went hipster.
I fucking love watching housemates dance badly. Jackson looks kinda hot in his yellow shirt. I'm kind of back on Jackson with his new hair, I have to admit it. I even kind of like the hat today. Andy's dancing is soooo cringe. Jayne looks good. I miss Ryan, though.
Jackson in the DR is making me go off him quite quickly. He's doing three accents in one and going on about 'licks'. Shut your mouth and look pretty, bitch.
Sam's 'Alex has never done Ev' comment was a bit snarky. I love Laura calling him for going under the radar in the DR. I like her DRs lately.
Jason is being a party pooper. Pity party for one in the garden! He is trying to PLAY THE PUBLIC to feel sorry for him. Gameplanner! love Big Brother showing Hughie and Alex dancing and Alex loving it. Great editing.
I love a drunk Hughie in the DR pining over Ryan. So cute. Aw he loves Ryan! *dies*
Hughie's pole dancing, ha. BB is telling him off. Hughie is like a horny dog without Ryan. Hughie's hairy arse has shades of Jordan Parhar. I like Hughie's twerking then he just somersalts in the pool. Shame! That's nice to see everyone laughing so much they look like they're gonna piss themselves. I enjoy seeing that.
Pool party! Sam's body might be less sexy than Andy's. Jason is grumpy because Laura has boobs. 'I just walked away.' We know, you grumpy cunt.
Hughie drank Alex's lager then just goes 'shut up you with your five grand.' Ha. Good deflection! OMG him kissing Ryan's picture. Too cute. He looks pissed as a fart.
Laura: 'Jason looked quite fit tonight.' How much has she had to drink!?
Should Hughie be drunk beside the pool? You can see how these accidental drownings happen on holiday.
Well, that was a very average Sunday show. We're on the final stretch. Weird, cos it feels like it half never got started. I know it's over, and it never really began. Still waiting for Andrew Tate's CCTV mansion show. In the meantime, there's Marco's Snapchat to keep us intellectually stimulated. Night!


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