Monday, 25 July 2016

Big Brother UK 2016: To our fallen brothers

Please forgive any typos, I am currently laptopless so writing this on my iPad. It's not been the best month for BB-related output from me, but you can't say I'm not trying. 
So the two least deserving go tonight to zero crowd. Who will it be? Sam is obviously a shoe in followed by Evelyn. Who else? I would LOVE to see Alex go. I can't see Andy, Jason or Jackson going as I think they must all have fanbases of a sort. 
Zoltar! A twisted carnival. Good grief at Jackson naked with his bits out. Hairy arse and scraggy pubes. Still I rewound it. Alex saying something sexist about knocking shops, groo. He is so vile. If a woman behaved the way he does she'd be burnt at the the stake. 
Jackson is consulting Zoltar. OMG that's how they're going to evict them, isn't it. Yesssss! 
Jason pretending he's learnt about Hughie's lifestyle, especially after the DR roasting Hughie's gave Jason. Is that the lifestyle of bisexuality or being a traveller? Great gaming, Jason. 
I like the outfits for this task, the striped t-shirts and braces. They look cute. Jayne thinks Andy has an amazing aura. I like the Andy and Jayne friendship, even though it came out of nowhere. 
Zoltar sounds like Andy. Jackson and Andy are the most memorable housemates. Whyyyyy? Please stop beatboxing. 
Hughie and Jackson are very cosy. I don't see why Jayne was voted least happy with Jason. The Hulk thing was made for his best bits. Along with him smashing the set up yesterday. 
Evelyn looks pissed off with Alex at last. He's on a one man slutshame fest, so caught up in his eulogy planning that he's forgotten how to be a human being. I HATE him. I would pay good morning to see him go out tonight. 
When they called Sam and Alex up and called them the least popular I literally couldn't believe it. 
OMG my prayers have been answered. Idiot general public got it right for once. I am in shock, as were the housemates. Best tweet ever goes to @amcgowan1970 on Twitter for 'At least they've avoided the stress of editing the best bits collection for those two.' Ha! 
Alex: 'I just don't get it.' What don't you get, you entitled piece of shit? You did NOTHING. All the others: 'Is it a joke?' No, the fact you got this far is a joke. I love love love the fact he was beaten by Jayne but ESPECIALLY Evelyn. 
Jason covered in green groo, has come to speak to Big Brother. Andy actually has a nice shirt on. What happened? Andy and Jackson are being a bit smug in the garden. 
They announced they were finalists and Evelyn actually wet herself. LOL. Jackson: 'To all our fallen brothers.' RIP. Especially to Marco and Andrew. 
Could Hughie and Evelyn have showmanced given another month in the house? I like their friendship. 
Jackson is pulling out the journey card. This is a great speech he's doing here. Top class gameplayer. He knows himself! He's been fed, clothed. 'What more can anyone ask for?' 100k? 
Andy and Jason patting themselves on the back for getting to the final. Sigh. 
In a way, I don't mind who wins now. They all deserve it. They've all contributed, be it positively or negatively. It's one of the strongest final sixes I've seen. And I didn't think I'd be saying that two weeks ago. But please, let's make it happen for Hughie. You could see how shocked he was when Alex left. I think he'd be genuinely shocked to win. I have faith in you, my loonies in anoraks. Make it happen. 

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Unknown said...

There is life left with big brother . Alex and Sam being evicted was the right ones to go . Should have been gone weeks ago , better late then NEVER.