Saturday, 23 July 2016

Big Brother UK 2016: It's a freak show

Laura was evicted. Why? Because she's a woman. There's no other reason. Because she fucked Marco seven weeks ago. Like WHO CARES? I am so sick of the slut shaming of Laura (AND JAYNE) while Jason mopes round like a cunt and Jackson acts like a twat, and Alex is a mute knobend. Yet it's the women who take the flak EVERY TIME. Ugh.
BB is rulebooking! They need Callum in there on the eco bike. Hughie's bed head is not a good look.
Andy: 'Do you give a fuck about other people or  not? Sorry, I'm in quite a snappy mood.' Ha.
Andy, Hughie is not in his mid 20s. Andy: 'I know he's popular.' Ha, that must stick in his craw. 'I can't wait to see the back of him.' We'll see the back of you first.
Hairdryer wars. Evelyn's stained onesie needs to go on the eek pile.
Jayne can't even 'sit on the bog'. Bog, ha.
Laura's eviction is happening early. Ooh, Sam said 'If you know you're not gonna win it, it's the best time to go' ie. for magazine deals etc.
Evelyn should not have outlasted Laura IMO. I was not a fan of Laura's eviction outfit, but her slutshaming was ridic. Luke Marsden on Twitter going 'she can be the face of a gonorrhoea clinic.' Fuck you, you little goblin. Gonorrhoea doesn't need advertising either.
Sam backpeddling in the DR. Can't wait to see him booted tomoz.
Big Brother's awards ceremony! Saw some of this on the live feed. Looked good.
Ooh Evelyn's arse in the embarrassing moments. Dearie me. 'Putting the ass into embarrassing' lol.
I saw the next bit on the LF. I LOVE them showing Hughie's 'fake and fraud' speech.
Andy vs Hughie! Ding ding ding. Hughie did say that just after Ryan left. Jason: 'Do you still stand by what you said?' Of course he does. Now they all know who the DR warriors are.
Andy: 'You're foul mouthed and immature.' to Hughie. Andy's just gutted cos Hughie and Jayne are better in in the DR than him.
I'm SO happy they showed Alex being sexist and gross about Evelyn. Evelyn: stand up for yourself, please. It could really help you NOT get evicted tomorrow. Alex has the smile of a serial killer.
Andy tackling Jackson: 'Why did my name come into that conversation?' Why not? Andy: 'No big deal.' A bit like 'I'm not storming off.' More disappointment!
Jackson's nervous little high-pitched laugh, ha. Then he was voted house bitch, ha.
I love how Hughie just doesn't give a fuck what Andy says because he just KNOWS HIMSELF. I feel like Hughie knows himself better than Andy.
Why is everyone brown-nosing Alex?! Sam moaning at Hughie for the toothbrush on the floor. That was a task! Bloody great task it was, too. Hughie and Jayne were AMAZING. Andy's like 'I find it quite scary they can turn it on like that.' Jealous, much?
Jason thinks Andy should win cos he's 'proper and right.' Fuck off, you gameplaying twat. Jason doesn't know himself. Andy doesn't. Hughie does. Jason trying to be Hughie to backtrack.
Hughie about Ryan: 'He's not my boyfriend.' LOL.
Jason is sooooooo annoyed at Hughie. I LOVE IT. 'A prick ting to do.' Jason couldn't get Hughie to backtrack and he was FURIOUS haaaa. Jason now digging out Sam. Jason, you can't change the perception of everyone, because YOU ARE THOSE THINGS.
Jason: 'You're unobviously intelligent' to Hughie. Haaaaa. 'You shut up.' Classic.
Andy: 'I don't know what I think instantly.' You're fake then! You shouldn't be calculating your opinion, fucking workshopping it for the crowd. It's not an opinion poll. It's not a focus group. Fuck you.
Andy is creaming his knickers about winning the most deserving award. Yeah, it's right up there with Rylan's farewell fangs, you cunt. You'd rather win that than win? Well it's your lucky day Andy. Enjoy coming third.

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Unknown said...

I couldn't believe Hughie said Sam is the most deserving to win , that was a moment to LOL, PMSL, ROFL.
None of the housemates didn't put their own name of most deserving to win . Probably too scared to be too cocky .