Monday, 1 August 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK: A fish is not an animal

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Good evening! The main story seems to be the old/young divide. Someone has obviously has had a word in Marnie's ear to apologise (ie. Big Brother.)
Apology tours! Lewis said they need to find a new person to victimise. Why not just leave people the fuck alone? I really despise pretty much everyone in the house, yet I'm still finding it entertaining.
Saira bagging on Grant for cheating on his wife. NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU, BITCH. Saira is playing the victim HARD and I don't normally use that phrase, but she deserves it.
Heavy D and Bear rubbing James's head! There's a BAD atmosphere in that house. He told them not to and he still rubbed it! Rude. I LOVED James pouring the coffee over Bear. He looked FURIOUS!
That was the one of the the most uncomfortable food fights I've ever seen. I wonder if anyone will get a warning? There's a proper pack mentality going on.
I love Frankie's concern about the coffee 'my coffee!' and James going 'well get some more.' You shouldn't! If you're gonna waste food like that, it shouldn't be replaced. James: 'They're playing a game, man.' And they're not playing it real good.
James is calling a house meeting! Why is he apologising? It went beyond pranking and a bit sinister.
Noms! Frankie nommed James for coffeegate, so I guess Bear and the gang did get what they wanted; James on the block. Frankie also nommed Grant. Bad noms!
Gormless Lewis nominated James and Fatboy. Fatboy is like one of the oldies, ie. he does nothing. Actually, the oldies do a lot more than him.
Bear's sex stories! His charming story about sniffing his fingers before he goes down on someone was so romantic. Swoon!
Sam nommed Bear and Marnie. Chloe nommed Katie for defending Amy against being a crackhead. LOL! And James.
Grant is nomming Renee and fellow oldie James! Why none of the young uns?
Grant looming over Marnie asking if he thinks she'll stay friends with people in here. No names mentioned!
Biggins nomming Marnie for boobgate. Wow, look at his shirt. Amazing. And then Grant! Because of Anthea! That should be struck from the record, it's irrelevant to the house. I hate that sort of nomination.
Marnie nommed James and Frankie for not talking to her, he probably can't understand what you're fucking saying.
Renne doesn't like homosexuality 'being shoved down her throat'. This is code for being homophobic like when you say a black person 'has a chip on their shoulder' is racist code. Who the fuck is gay to 'be trendy'?! You can't CHANGE your sexuality. If people want to experiment, let them!
Biggins: 'The worst type is the bisexuals.' HA! Biggins hates women and bisexuals, basically everyone trying to stand in the way of him and dick. What an arsehole this guy is, seriously.  Then Renee said, 'You have to pick a team.' WHY! Why should you? Such a backwards attitude.
James nominated Grant and Bear. What did Grant do? I don't get it.
Renee nominated James and Grant. Heavy D nommed James as he sees him as a threat to win. Interesting. Also nommed Renee.
Vegetarian chat. Chloe: 'A fish is not an animal. Don't ruin it for me.' Bear: 'It is. It's got to be an animal.' Chloe: 'Who told you so?' Bear: *looking slightly confused* 'I've just heard.' Chloe: 'Don't believe everything you hear.' Chloe then declared fish a plant. Classic BB chat. I genuinely enjoyed that.
Saira nommed Bear because she's worried he hasn't passed the psych test (they probably don't even do one anymore) and Grant, because of boobgate. Why not nominate Marnie over boobgate as she's the one who did it?
Fatboy nommed Grant for 'snoring and coughing' in bed and James for coffeegate. I'm not sure Fatboy has earned his vote yet. The monkey lamps are more interesting than him.
Aubrey nommed Grant (why does everyone hate Grant?) and James. Boo. All the ones I like are being nominated. No, hold on, I don't like anyone.
Katie nommed Grant (et tu, Katie?) and James. How come they're all voting the same way? Fix!
Bear nommed James for 'bringing the mood dahhhhnn' and Fatboy for being a fencesitter. I love the fact Bear hates Fatboy for no reason, I find it amusing. I mean, what's the point of nominating Fatboy?
James has slept with over a hundred women. But he's not looking for a bird, he's looking for a partner. Yet then said Marnie was a 'top draw bird.' Marnie seemed flattered by that. Didn't take much. Lewis kissing Marnie in the storeroom. Not sexy. Why is Katie so excited about Marnie snogging that idiot for one second? She must be hard up for entertainment.
Frankie's tattoos. Eek.
Grant is jealous of Marnie and Lewis getting off. Grant: 'I think she was a little young for me.' He looks proper miffed. I like Aubrey telling him to be more aggressive.
Up for eviction is: James, Grant and who else? There can't just be two people up. All the girls cuddling Grant, what a pimp he is.
Ha, they are all saying who they voted for! Rule break.
Truth or dare. Chloe doesn't want to kiss Heavy D as she has a fella. Marnie and Lewis kissing was horrid. Too much tongue.
Lewis is showing Frankie his dick in the toilet. (Why?) Frankie was on it like a rat up a drainpipe! Is that normal behaviour for a straight guy to show a gay guy his dick for no reason?
Heavy D is calling Chloe out for not being single. She's got a little 'something something' on the side. I like the way Renee dealt with it. She was quite formidable.'Leave it alone.' Heavy D: 'Deception is deception.' She was never going to get with you! Relax.
WHY is there only two on the block? I am confused! I don't mind a head to head, but why does it have to be two people I half don't mind? Fuck you, Big Bro. I want the TOWIE/Geordie Shore/Ex on the Beach nobodies out. Actually, let's keep Bear. I find him quite entertaining. He's probably the best person in the DR at the mo. SLIM PICKINGS. Night then!


n.k. said...

to save Grant donate 50 million quid to pay off his bad debts.

Anonymous said...

to save James shoot save yourself from Bear attack forget to wash down below bleeurgh.

Unknown said...

With so many housemates to choose to nom most nommed grant and James.
Something fishy going on there . I don't want grant or James to go. Not the oldies .
Would have preferred if big bro sometimes announces to the house the amount of people that are up but not who. That be a nice thing to do for a change .!

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