Saturday, 13 August 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK 2016: Bear Joke(r)s

From desp-bear to where?
OK, just putting it out there, Bear is my favourite person in that house. Even though he's a toerag, I've seen a loyal side to him, and a funny side to him, which is more than I've seen from most of these people. He entertains me, which is more than I can say for ALL these other people. Yes, he's a complete twat. At this point, I don't really care.
Squeaky bum time. Whatever that means. Apparently it's to do with sport (gross). Yuck. God, I hate Lewis. He has none of the charm or panache of Bear. Yeah, I said it.
The task involves all housemates holding up bags of money 'but the real task is...' only one has to do it for the allotted money of time. Ricky and Sam bet that Lewis could pass the task. What's the opposite of TV gold? Ha, Lewis fucked it up. What a tool. Oh what, he still won? Boo.
Lewis has got a strong case of Big Brother Brain/ magazine deal-itis. Wasn't he saying he wasn't bothered the other day?
I LOVE Chloe making Bear up as the Joker! I love Renee being worried about it, haha. 'That means we're in trouble.' She's right though, Bear will be there at the end, as he should be, as he's been the whole show.
Marnie is trying to push the old 'good people/ bad people' strategy that only BAD PEOPLE ever say. It's like Lewis saying he's 'a good man.' You're not. It's like someone going 'I'm mad, me.' You're NOT. The maddest people don't KNOW THEY'RE MAD.
Renee giving Fatboy a pep talk about their common nemesis. It's not 'war paint', it's just a laugh, Renee. Who WOULD be their nemesis if Bear went? Cos you know they'll need a new one.
Ah, the wheel spinning/ Chloe leaving again. I didn't notice Emma's teleprompter of the floor before. She's like Courtney Love.
Big Brother is making me sick the way they keep pushing Marnie and Lewis! They must know the viewers despise them. Fuck off!
I wanted Bear to do a Jackson-style wail there. No such luck. Bear: 'It's cos she's knocking about with me, isn't it?' Well done, Poirot. Heavy D: 'Every argument, she's been the centre of it.' Not really!
Frankie: 'I didn't like Chloe as much as you' to Marnie. Turncoat!
Bear sees it, too. Frankie IS two-faced (so is Bear tonight, with the face paint, but there you go). I love the way Bear calls Frankie 'Frank'. I like him saying it's bad form. It is! Good to see Frankie under a bit of pressure. Bear: 'You're up Renee's bum.' He's right, they all are. They're all scared of her.
James is right: the public love to hate Bear. I don't understand how James got the most votes though, even though I like him. I like his confidence he's going to win!
Bear starting on Aubrey and Renee, ha! He pulled it back, though, I was quite surprised. I hate the fact Chloe went over Renee, especially as she wasn't even meant to be up.
Bear: 'When my money clears, I'll treat her as best as I can.' How romantic! Haha.
Renee is pushing for Bear to go up 'there's a bomb to dismantle.' Hold on, Bear is eternally nominated! He's already up.
Aw, Bear doing a pine for Chloe in the diary room. He's got feelings! He's human, he's got a brain. (Really?) Haha. Ooh Bear is pretending he cares about people slagging him off! Good gaming.
Marnie: 'I'm a pretty good judge of character.' You're not.
Heavy D is loving the fact Chloe has gone and Bear is weak. Heavy D wearing nail varnish: sexy time. What Heavy D is saying to Bear is true though, that for the first time the house decided, not the public.
Bear: 'They've won the battle but they've not won the war. They've got to live with me for two weeks.' YES!
Ugh, there is nothing to say about this show in my blog anymore. There are no more layers of these people's personalities to see. There's no side to anyone's personality that's going to come out and surprise us.
PS: Emma saying she wants to watch Big Brother not Ex on the Beach on BBBOTS last night! Join the fucking club, mate.


Anonymous said...

How can you like Bear so much?!

PS, I love Renee!


Unknown said...

Bear does provide entertainent. Somebody has to. I don't see others stepping up . Bear is OTT sometimes but at least he's giving the viewers something .
Bear would be a deserving winner - love him or hate him . If you like what he does or does not do.

Unknown said...

I think maybe c5 should take a year off from showing big brother , celebrity one and re assess how they produce it.

n.k. said...

How do we REALLY know James polled the most votes? First off Emma said In no particuler order...Do you REALLY think they would let Bear embarrass Ma Willis any more than he did anyway. Fuck off! The dozy wheel would still be wizzing round well into the live feed!

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