Friday, 5 August 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK 2016: Eternal lame

Camp? Moi?
Emma's hair in looking good shocker! Whatever next?
I can't believe Biggins has been ejected and not Bear! Appaz he compared Big Brother to a concentration camp but this was one of a 'number of comments.' Bisexuals around the country are rejoicing as we speak. I can't stand Biggins anyway, but I enjoyed his clothing choices.
Is it fair though, for someone to be removed for words rather than actions (ie. Bear and Aubrey?) They make the rules up 100% as they go along. It makes no sense to me.
Is it just me or do James and Grant seem to have got disproportionately low airtime this year? In fact it's not just them: Fatboy and Sam Fox are also near on invisible. Bear being Bear is all well and good, but can't we see a little suuiiink suuuiink from the other housemates that you've paid to go in there? Even a chat about Brexit and hoover strength would be fine. How much do you think they made on the phonelines tonight? £40?
Think what Frankie Grande must think about English women from the likes of Marnie and  (lesserly so) Chloe?! It's a national embarrassment.
Saira shouting at Chloe: 'You're playing with other people's emotions!' The way she speaks to people! OMG. So rude. Why shouldn't Chloe play with fire? It's her life. I liked Chloe's face during that conversation, like 'whhhhhhaat?'
Bovey getting some much-needed airtime. But was then boring.
Saira: 'I don't care' when she clearly does. Renee: 'It seems like you're trying to force your views on everyone.' Never a truer word spoken. How can Saira be that old and NOT KNOW HERSELF? I've known myself since I was about 15.
I don't even know why Marnie is shouting. She is proper scum. Foghorn.
Bear comes back in after a stern tell off from Big Brother. He's doing his apology tours. Have they replaced that window yet? I don't know why Bear is even apologising to Saira, what did he do to her?
Frankie calling Chloe, Lewis, Bear and Marnie the minions. Alliance talk! Love it.
I think Heavy D might be a bit... simple? Is that OK to say? Oh well, I've said it now.
Saira is sooooo jealous of all the young girls. She wants to have 'a bit of a laugh'. When!
Grant and James both got silence. Is that worse than boos? Ugh, I hate 'save me' speeches. CRAP. Why did James get such booage then? Makes no sense.
Ooh secret mission for Frankie! See his face light up when he was given the task? I liked Frankie's action sequence, jumping in the pool then screaming at people in the bath. Frankie's singing bit was funny, too. Frankie made me laugh out loud like the dogs in that TV show. Could my Frankie bet be about to pay off?
Bear has noticed Chloe and Heavy 'sitting next to each other.' SO WHAT.
Lewis: 'It's nice to meet a bird you wanna be pals with.' FUCK YOU. Going on about his 'clique'. TWAT. Lewis wants to look out for Saira. WHY.
Aubrey's hair extensions have black roots! WEIRD.
Sam lamenting Fatboy has no wine. He has no airtime either. 'Sharing is caring' but Bear doesn't care and therefore doesn't share.
Bear snogging Chloe in the bath, grabbing her neck and feeling her boobs, ha. SEXUAL.
I love James's confidence that he's going to be there for another week, cos it's true.
Bear would not fare well as a have not, eating the luxury food. I thought he wasn't going to break any more rules! Aubrey spitting in Bear's mouth. WHY! Bear: 'She's one of these kinky bitches.' Seems so. That's why he didn't care about the spit sandwich, cos he's into it.
Chloe: 'Bear's not my kind of guy.' Ha. She's attracted by him being a 'bad boy' ie. a twat. So much tongue! STOP SNOGGING. Why is Bear sleeping on the floor anyway?
OK eviction show! I like the half hour break in the middle as gives me the chance to fix up my blog and read Twitter. 'Get Saira out!' Of all the people.
Why is Grant getting cheered? I don't get it. He's done nothing except been a bit sleazy.
Imagine being in the crowd, seeing him come out. Bit dry, isn't it.
The most interesting thing about this interview is the different ways people pronounced Grant when they nominated him.
Poor Grant, he got so many noms! God knows why. Bovey has no lips. He should get Chloe to lend him some of hers.
Grant is in the backtrack zone over Marnie! He was being 'humorous.' Haaaaa. Grant called Bear 'desperate', ha.
NOM BOMB time. How are they gonna rig it? They have to give someone 'eternal nomination'. I bet you a million pounds that person is safe.
Heavy D and Bear are picking up all the noms! Renee did Saira. Chloe did James. Bear drew a picture of a dick next to Aubrey's name. LOL. I love Bear riding the zebra after being nommed. He's such a cocky twat.
Bear is taking the eternal nomination well (not).
I can't believe they didn't say 'but the real task is' and save him. Bear will be safe anyway on a vote to save cos knobheads will vote to save him. (Like me, probably).


n.k. said...

what the yanks will never understand is, yes Bear is a twat,but hes our twat!

lightupvirginmary said...

Lol, your comment made me laugh. I can't help but... Like him?!!!! It's not natural. Of course I hate him too.

Unknown said...

We all need a person to hate and yet at same time have to keep them in the house just for the dramas .

Unknown said...

Bear is more entertaining than the other housemates put together at the moment .

n.k. said...

Lyndsey regarding Heavy Ds erm illness I googled It hes virginly retarded.