Friday, 12 August 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK 2016: Wheel of Bore-tune

Just catching up on last night's CBB. The alleged 'nice' people are really hamming it up now, you'd think Fatboy was going off to war the way he's going on. Sam Fox's disgust when Lewis said the night previously had been the best night of his life was hilarious. The martyrdom is becoming real. Aubrey is right, there's loads more of them than there are of the plebs. It's just none of them have a spine!
I loved Bear accusing Renee of being jealous BECAUSE IT'S TRUE. Renee came across so desperate the whole episode. Absolutely psychotic. As if Chloe is the brains behind Bear's ignominy! Give me a break.
Oh so they are doing kind of a lucky dip thing with the two bottom housemates tonight. It's like when Nikki Grahame should have been HOH in Big Brother Canada and it ended up being the fucking Pax brothers. (And this is exactly what happened tonight)
Rule break! Turn off Aubrey's hot water. Oh, she's gone straight to jail. Bear is right that they all agreed when Aubrey said it. They did.
Chloe vs Renee equals airtime for Chloe which equals votes to save (I hope). I want Chloe to stay.
I DESPISE Lewis's fake nice guy act! What a douchelord. At least with Bear you know your enemy.
Renee to Bear: 'I have warned you not to speak to me.' Who does she think she is? I fucking hate her. I hate the way she talks to Chloe, too. SHE'S SO JEALOUS.
Aubrey telling Bear to 'be civil' ha. Bear is in 'diffuse mode.' I'd hate to see him in TNT mode.
Renee is full on bonkers. Like, insane. I can't BEAR her (ha). My mum said she LIKES Renee on the phone to me today! WHY.
There is a task going on, something to do with dice. Some people are playing for the house, some for themselves. What did Arisa Cox say? The house always wins. So think on.
That party looks so crap. Looks like a toddler's party. The fact Lewis likes the Killers make me hate them. 'The Killers, sick!' Grow up. Still, remember when Winston and Helen had to sing The Killers and they didn't know the words.
Marnie: 'I would have sacrificed myself for Lewis.' You probably have. What's with Lewis's Hugh Grant look today? What a cuntrag.
I love the fact Bear has CBB winner 2016 on his arm. Are you allowed writing utensils in the Big Brother house these days?
What is this Marnie and Lewis argument about? Fuck off, no one cares. FAKE ASS. Lewis punching a door like the little tool he is. Kick him out, aggressive knob. Lewis loves Marnie 'so much.' No one cares, go and die.
James listing the veg his wife grows in the garden more interesting than this reality bullshit.
Lewis doesn't like Marnie flashing her bits cos she's 'his girlfriend.' They are both insecure pieces of shit. How many days have they been in there to fall in love?
OMG James and Bear got the most votes to save! Cos they're MEN! LOL James got more votes than Marnie. Hilarious. He has had probably 1% of the airtime she's had. Will BB get the message that we're sick of these reality losers now?
Who goes? Fate decides. Not that catchy, is it? Oh, Emma's in the garden again. Bear, Chloe, Marnie and Lewis look genuinely sick.
Emma has zero gravitas during these kind of things. Uh oh, the rules are too complicated for Bear. Everyone is going to evict Chloe to annoy Bear.
I hope it's 90% Chloe on the wheel and it lands on Marnie. Bear praying for Chloe was cute.
I do feel like there's a bit of tension. But not that much. 10 have chosen Chloe to go, 2 Marnie. James gets to spin the wheel, lol. It's like the jackpot on Candy Crush. You never get the good shit.
And sure enough, Chloe left. BORING! Fate always decides WRONG. Hope Bear smashes the gaff up. Give Fatboy a little scare.
Just awaiting Chloe's standard slutshaming now. Ah, she got a whole compilation of slutshaming. Emma: 'Are you not worried what people think?' Does she look like she is? And why would she?
Emma: 'Bear likes to push people's buttons.' Specifically Chloe's.
Why is Emma telling Chloe off about Bear? She's not his keeper. Oh sorry, we've ran out of time to interview you because we were so busy telling you off for being female.
Chloe, where do you normally go to be patronised? Honestly, why cast these feral people and then tell them off for BEING THEMSELVES. It makes NO SENSE. If you want polite civilised people in there, stop casting from sub-par reality shows!
Ha, Bear is saying the wheel is rigged! LOL. Nothing would surprise me!
PS: I was considering 'Wheel of (air)time' for my title but even I think that's too niche. Still, a nod to any geeks out there. Goodnight!


Unknown said...

Yet again big bro ROBBED the viewers of getting a housemate out. They might as well decide who should win , viewers mean fuck all to c5.
Anything can be rigged , especially props .

Unknown said...

Did you catch Emma's rant on Shit on the Side? Had a proper go at the producers, along the lines of she hates the Bear show (and Bear) and she wants to watch BB, not a mix of Geordie Shore and Ex on the beach, then i think she was told to shut up in her ear piece and mentioned she might be out of a job.