Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK 2016: Loose ends

Four on the block and no one I want to save. Thanks, Big Brother. Actually, I do want Bear to stay. He's earned his fee, unlike some people in there. I hope Lewis goes tonight, but Heavy D will do fine, too.
Heavy D wants to see 'boominator' tattooed on women's arses when he comes out. Good luck with that.
Who cares if people are just 'fucking' Katie? Lewis and Marnie are no more romantic than Chloe and Bear. She's coming off a bit Alex Sibley, telling people where they can wash their fanny. At least the showmances are doing SOMETHING. You're just a viewer at this point.
Bear's slapstick lobbing of the eggs makes me laugh, despite myself.
'Falling in love' is not on Lewis's radar right now. How romantic! And then the cut to Marnie is saying 'it's fate.' At least Chloe has her eyes open. Marnie is clueless when it comes to who Lewis really is.
Katie and Ricky (ie. fencesitters anonymous) are talking about the only thing they care about: Bear. Yawn!
Lewis is already trying to let Marnie down gently about the outside world. Marnie feels like 'her stomach is in knots' and Lewis feels 'like a whole man' when he's with her. Who is buying this bullshit? The cue cards are barely out of shot.
Katie and James perving on Chloe and Bear having a massage. Bear: 'This is one of the best days of my life.' Sam: 'Do you think she wants her family to see that?' What?! It's like a carry on film. It's nothing!
Saira: 'I love a bit of soft porn.' Ha. All the others think Bear and Chloe are fucking, but they're just messing round. Frankie in the DR: 'Where am I?' On a low-rent reality show, that's where.
Lewis showing Marnie some girl he hooked up with advertising eyelashes. Yet more romance from Prince Charming. Lewis is just showing off that he can get other hot girls, basically. I watched the live feed last night and even Bear thinks Lewis and Marnie are faking it and 'have the same agent.'
Marnie: 'Lewis is perfect... you could get a model, what are you doing with me?' Get a grip, he's nothing.
Bear is on Marnie's side! Didn't come across that way on the live feed last night. I enjoyed him taking the mick out of Lewis with the mouthwash.
Saira thinks everyone is after airtime. Especially herself. 'Using her tits'. Oh shut up. Might as well use your assets in life, especially if you've paid for them.
Ha, Bear's got his eye mask on again. And blue nail varnish! ALL the potential evictees are getting booed, ha. OOH Saira went! I'm actually surprised. Who the fuck voted to save Heavy D? Like, really? Don't get me wrong, Saira is annoying as fuck. But Heavy D!? Looks like Lewis's bad acting paid off either way. So annoying that all the TOWIEs are still in as they'll get big heads.
Saira came across very well in her interview. Is a bit of an insult for her to go over the others, but she's Asian, she's a woman, it shouldn't really be that much of a shock, should it?
Saira championing Bear! Emma not convinced cos she's a prissy cow. She's got SUCH a stick up her arse. RELAX, Emma. The producers cast Bear to BE BEAR. Don't fight it. Chloe and Bear snogging on the sofa at the end when they all have to sit round together. Gross, that would drive you mad.
So what dumb twist is there? The three safe housemates will be nominating? Why? Why not everyone? Then the house will have to take part in 'group or singular games of chance'. I'm sure it won't be a lot of recycled crap we've seen before (much!). Bring on the electric shock suits!


n.k. said...

cheer up pussycat ive made a cock-tail.

Unknown said...

Heavy D is so bloody annoying with him saying Boom. Only thing that I didn't like about Saira is I felt she was preeching to some housemates . We kept seeing it in the highlights .
Getting with marnie in the last few days helped him stay .
Crap twist about the 3 saved housemates only get to nominate , what bull shit is that .

n.k. said...

Loving how pissy Ricky got when Bear survived,miserable bugger.. Let him go...have A spliff make another sex tape whatever! Fatboy straight swap for another Eastenders acting titan Ben Mitchell bit of love interest for Roy Scheiders fucked up little brother pokemon head Frankie. Bonus! letter from home day for Ben we could send In A gift wrapped box set of severed heads of all the actors who have previously played his character then we could observe them putrify..More fun than watching Ricky!
ps Sunday Angry Pussycat,apart from my kid being born was the greatest moment in the history of my life...Yo Lyndsey we did It!!!

lightupvirginmary said...

What the fuck?

n.k. said...

Too much? Oh well,back to Broadmoor, Toodle-Pip!