Saturday, 6 August 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK 2016: LGB-see ya

Bring on the Biggins bashing! I wanna see what he got kicked out for in FULL GLORY. It must be pretty bad. Can't wait! Haha at Biggins 'getting removed from the house' face. Like a naughty schoolboy. It would be a shock to live with Bear and be ejected before him, though. You'd be like, whaaaaat?
Rule breaks from James for talking noms and Bear for disrespecting the have not rule. They are being sent to jail (if you can call it that, it looks like it's made out of paper, plus you can escape from it). Is the hot water already off or what?
Loving Fatboy complaining in the DR about Bear being a 'litterbug'. It's quite a petty crime, really. Ooh, Bear is busting out of jail! No respect for the rules. That's what you get for making your jail out of origami. Big Brother threatening the entire house! Get that hot water off now.
Here comes Biggins downfall! Ooh, gay talk. What offensive thing is he going to say about his own people this time? Bisexuals created AIDS! Oh God. Renee is going conspiracy theory style, how AIDS was invented to wipe out third world countries. That's 'developing countries' to you.
Biggins telling Grant he's 'been careful about what he says.' What would he normally say!? Is this it, what he went out for?
Both the girls astride the two guys. GRIM. Lewis has got a stiffy. Vom.
Big Brother is telling Lewis to stop doing dares to 'humilate others.' What's up Big Brother's arse today? Talk about being prissy. Relax. Plus those dares were like a week ago.
What comment did Biggins make about Jewish people?! Why aren't they telling us! Why cover for him? ARGH how annoying when we've waited this long! What a swizz. Biggins is 'very sorry and very sad'.
Haha the other housemates reactions to Biggins going. Frankie was not happy. 'Maybe he's sick.' Bear: 'Who cares, who gives a fuck?' LOL! Big Brother should tell them why he's gone as otherwise they'll speculate worse things.
Lewis telling Heavy D to 'respect the process.' Moral code, ha.
Grant going (again). Heavy D's suit is visual vomit. Marnie upset about Grant getting booed, haha.
Eternal nomination again and still no twist. They could have CGI-ed one in to save Bear. He's carrying the show at present.
Bear: 'I can get a whole lot fucking worse.' Yes! Frankie shitting it about nomming Bear, lol. Ha, Bear kicking off and calling Frankie 'false' and telling him to 'bore off'. Ha! Frankie spinning it that bear being permanently up 'is not a bad thing'. Especially if Bear goes, hey?
Bear now intimidating Katie. 'I'm not going to suffer all the small talk now.' Haha. Katie is such a drip. Stand up for yourself!
Lewis is making sure Frankie doesn't feel intimidated by him, ha. He's a true gamer.
Bear is telling Chloe he likes her, haha. Showing his sensitive side there, aw. Bear really loves that eye mask. Is he going to a swinging party later?
Fatboy giving Katie a pep talk is like a puddle giving a sponge a pep talk. Airtime deficit.
Ha, Renee doesn't like the fact that Bear drew a dick next to Aubrey's name (well, he spelt it Audry, but...) Dick doodle rage! How can you be offended by a drawing of a willy? Renee is 99% hot air, 1% hypocrisy.
Ha, the Americans digging Saira out for not nomming Bear. Saira can vote for who she wants. Humpty Dumpty, sorry, I mean Heavy D, is much more annoying.
Aubrey on Bear in the DR: 'There's no compassion, caring, depth, understanding, intellect.' True. If Bear's a disease, he probably caught it off your jam sandwich.
So should Biggins have gone? I think so. Should some of the others? Yes. Should they try and cast some civilised people for next CBB? One or two might be nice. Thanks! Bisexuals: as you were.


Unknown said...

I would have ejected Biggins on day 1 with that annoying laugh he does . LoL
He didn't seem himself in tonight's show . Not sure why he came out with the stuff he said . Where did that come from ? Biggins wasn't my favourite or anywhere near.

toureasylver said...

I would gladly watch 24/7 CBBUK over the one-way-ticketed-speeding-train to a Paulie win that is USA BB if it was availabe!

BORING. Over it.

Your blogs give me life Lynsey & i read every one. You snarkily type what I believe all the viewers want to say, but don't have the bollocks to. Well done. Carry on. Looking forward to the next one, so I can 100% agree with you, yet again.

Give both your cats a pet for me (I love seeing them on Instagram).


n.k. said...

Time for action.That cheeky bitch Audrey slagging off our boy In the diary room last night,fackin liberty.Me and you Lynds,we go dahn Boreoffwood break into the compound tread on Frankies pop tarts and chain ourselves to the zebra...We shall not be moved ,they shall not pass,down with this sort of thing,careful now etc.And if we get shot (we wont coz we iz white) Itll show that Geordie missy what mortal realy means! remember BEARS LIFE MATTERS!!!

lightupvirginmary said...

NK, your comments are cracking me up at the mo. Arif & Laurie thanks as ever. Lots of love xx

n.k. said...

Wow! An endorsment from you Lyndsey, The wittiest woman on the web, I feel like Trueman Capote only slightly more butch xxx

n.k. said...

ps floater rat Ricky smootchin with Lizzy Dripping in the store room,ged em bowf aht! pps bang Sundays blog out so I can update you on our boys progress xx