Saturday, 2 August 2008

Big Brother 9: Fix up, Look Sharp

Needless to say, it was a heartbreak to see the back of Luke. I loved the level of vitriol in his interview. He was totally done of course; there's no fucking WAY he got 37% of the vote out of nine people. There is no possible human way that more people did not pick up the phone for the unbridled horror of the megalomaniac Rex. I'd sooner believe that Mohamed will be the next prime minister.
But then we know why, didn't we? Because Rex's little princess wanted to go in the house. And what Rex and his beautiful, stunning, perfect girlfriend want, they get. But hold on? Where was this goddess-like vision of beauty? Instead we got some bleach blonde, mildly orange, plain-looking girl. As Lisa said; 'a bit common.' But it's not actually Nicole's fault; no one could ever live up to the amount of crowing Rex had done about her.
So what happens when you get everything you ever wanted? Do you go live happily ever after? As that wise old poet Courtney Love once said, 'you get what you want, then you never want it again.'
I believe Rex didn't know she was going in, he looked gobsmacked. Less than four hours later on the live feed he was saying he was 'disappointed' and that it wasn't like he imagined. If he loved her that much, why didn't he spend the entire night sleeping on the floor with her, holding hands through the fence? If you'd not seen the person you love for two months, wouldn't you just want to touch them, to breathe them in?
Still, I'm looking forward to seeing their relationship implode on telly. She must think he's behaved like an absolute cunt, like everyone else does.
Onto tonights show- I LOVED Rex smirking at Mikey when the alarm was going off in the morning, it was pure joy. Making fun of a blind man is truly fantastic viewing. This is the problem with Rex, he is equally as loveably hateful as he is an utter villain. Calling Sara a dog, saying Lisa was threatening him.
So well done, Lisa. Someone finally stood up to him. Her repeatedly saying shut up to him was amazing. How common did she go when she got all angry? It was bizarre. A stand like that can make or break you in BB, so she was brave. Then Rex went running to the diary room, like a big baby. Come on Rex, it wasn't exactly 'pow pow pow' was it. I'm glad BB told him to shut up, basically.
'Misinterpretated' is not a word, Lisa. Rex, who cares if Lisa is 40 or 80 or 14? You're still a cunt. CUNT! God, he actually said he would try and show her some more respect. I'll believe it when I see it. APT! A-P-T. What the fuck? I thought they both dealt with that quite well afterwards actually. Until later, of course.
There was something really moving and wonderful about Kat saying she wanted to have a baby when she got out of the house, it just felt very pure and honest, I thought. I've never heard a friend of mine say those words, it must be mental.
Girlfriend gate: it MUST be a kick in the teeth for everyone else in the house. And she's 19? Fuck me, she must have had a hard life, she looks about 30. 'Isn't she beautiful? Doesn't she look like a princess?' said Rex every ten seconds to the other housemates. No, she looks like a wannabe wag, a Hollyoaks extra, a generic prototype blonde. And you, Rex look like a ginger pig. You can't force other people to find her attractive. You are protesting WAY too much. His controlling nature and utter possessiveness is actually frightening; you can see where it might head eventually, if BB doesn't crush them utterly.
I liked Stu being sarky tonight in the first half of the show. In the Stale stakes, he's my pick at the mo (mind you that's not saying much).
Actually Rex's girlfriend seemed OK in the diary room. I'm glad she said she was going to form her own opinions. But they will be heavily tarnished by his, you can count on it.
Omg, Lisa did a Leo Sayer! How cool. All that sereneness just collapsed and she cracked. I'd definitely go out through the back door not saying goodbye (just like I do in all situations in life!) But then she came back. Oh. I've never done THAT before.
Stuart: 'she knows she's not going to win so she might as well just go.' Charming! 'We could have got a new housemate.' Yeah, thats how we felt before you got in and it was just an uglier, camper Dale; life's a bitch, innit?
I wish Lisa would win. At least she's strong. At least she's kind.

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