Sunday, 24 August 2008

Big Brother 9: 'I'm sick of this shithole'

Catch up blog! Bank holiday weekend thoughts are here for the taking.
Nicole's eviction: 94% of the vote! Was that all? Nicole created more bad feeling in that house than Jade Goody's mum. Darnell: horrid to Sarah. Digging his own grave with his self-pitying psychosis every single day. Rex: horrid to everyone. How could Darnell say he thinks Rex is a favourite! They are all so browbeaten by him it's not funny. Him paving the way to ingratiate himself back with the other housemates before Nicole left was sickening and utterly transparent. He's about as trustworthy as Gary Glitter on babysitting duties.
Rex: 'I thought I'd feel worse when Nicole got booed, I actually found it quite funny.' Heartwarming! And he smirked when her name was called out. Nice doily for a dress, by the way, Nicole. Then he slated her again the second she left. Chivalry. Is. Dead. Imagine if someone else said they found Nicole getting booed 'funny'.
Darnell; you've hitched your apple-wagon to the wrong star (Rex). And for that... you will pay.
Sundays show: Rex: 'All you need to do to chat up Sara is tell her to bend over' and 'do you really want to get on that?' to Mo. Rex hates women. If he'd said that about me, I'd have slapped him in the face. Sara just laughed. What respect she has for herself. What a sad collection of people in that house.
Mondays show: I liked BB giving them presents. A bit of happiness was well needed in that house. It was AMAZING to have Mario back, Mario owned that place. How cruel that they didn't let him properly in when they let that rancid cuntrag of Rex's in as a housemate. I proper blubbed at the proposal, it was amazing. It was lovely to see them so happy, as they are such a well-matched (bonkers) couple. 110% suited! Haha. The ring was cool, too. Did I see Rex shed a tear? I want a cardboard cutout of Mario! TRIP HAZARD! I hope Lisa sleeps with it later.
Rachel: how can ANYONE be so excited about grapes? Someone drop an E in her drink, for god's sake, her head will come off. Darnell; ungrateful! I'd happily have an Ipod Morrissey-fest on my own in there. That would be sweet!
Kat singing: painful. Mo's blunt schoolboyish courting of Sara; even more so. Having to pay for kisses with booze! Gross.
Two weeks left. It feels like it could be another two months.
Why is the last mile the hardest mile? (cos the housemates suck, that's why)

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