Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Big Brother 9: It's Close to Midnight

Aw i liked it when they played Thriller for the alarm and Mikey got scared and they all danced round. It was nice! Obviously it all went to shit soon after.
Nicole: 'I'm the only one who's going to do it perfect.' So modest too! They were well mean to Mikey. Give him a chance. Nicole and Rex were bullying him! They both have the most hideous tone of voice. If either he or she spoke to me like that, I'd fucking nut them. I would happily strangle them both. Mikey looks better now his hair has grown back half an inch. (Did I just say that?)
Reading out the noms in the middle of rehearsals was funny. Way to put them off their stroke. Rex, why should the housemates keep your sour-faced, miserable, rude, nasty, vain, spoilt, ugly bitch of a girlfriend in the house over friends they have had for coming up for three months?
Mikey saying Nicole was stuck up her own arse was brilliant! Just fuck off Nicole, no one likes you. Rex aint gonna follow you out the door either. Selfish cow, not sharing her fags. Let her fucking smoke and get shriveled up, the narky little mingaloid. She should be telling Rex to stay and win it if she loved him, but she doesn't.
Having said that, Rex, you'd be lucky to go out in 5th place, you absolute arsehole. Couldn't believe Nicole berating him for being nice to the other housemates. What an awful trait.
Mikey's diary room diatribe was fab. They weren't being considerate of him during the task. I loved Rachel teaching him, what a kind person she is. She's more useful that 100 Marios. Everyone needs a friend like her. I don't know how Rex has the gall to call himself a choregrapher in that task, he was just a dictator. A twat in a hat.
I quite liked Sarah tonight; she looked pretty again all disheveled and vulnerable.
Lisa or Darnell to win. No, Lisa, cos she's not expecting it, and Darnell thinks it's his divine right.

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