Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Big Brother 9: With the Leash Off

Rex. You do need to get rid of a cone. A nation has spoken.
Sarah: your voice is annoying. Shut up. You're a tease. Stop. Give the poor guy a break. Aw, Darnell has never had a girlfriend! What a shame. He's a sweetheart. She'll probably deflower him now. She is such a compliment fisherman! So insecure. She's a head-fuck and a half. And she smacked his arse later. I don't think he'd get away with that, do you?
Rex, Rex, Rex. Nicole should dump him on TV. Is this how he treats his princess? He's abusive. If he's worried she's cheated on him, it's just cos he's cheated on her. I notice Nicole was using the word 'challenge' which was invented by people too afraid to say 'big fucking mess.'
Omg did you see Mohamed's pants?! They are like the sort of pants people have in cartoons. NOT SEXY. What was I expecting? Just black would be preferable, not giant white Y-fronts.
Stale's glee at being up for nomination was annoying. I'm surprised they didn't bang chests together. I don't want them to go, the thick, plastic pair with dour voices. It makes me sad.
Forcing Mo to wear high heels was a bit mean. He gets enough stick anyway! However, he seemed to enjoy it.
Why was Mikey so keen to find out how big Darnell's willy was? How dare Mikey describe Stuart as loud? Mikey addresses the house with as much grace and subtlety as the Sinner or Winner guy (now banned from Oxford Street). However, he was right about Rex; nothing makes him happy, and nothing ever will.
Sarah didn't say she couldn't do the task, she just said she wanted some sleep.
I liked the end when Rex wanted Mikey and Kat to go to bed. He looked ready to kill. You could tell he didn't want his princess mixing with them. It's too late now, Rex, she's contaminated!
I've decided: I want Stu to stay. He has two braincells to Dale's one.

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