Sunday, 31 August 2008

Big Brother 9: Bullying My Ears

Oh God, I hate them all. I thought Lisa going was the right result on Friday and she got a good reaction, which was deserved. I was happy for Sara to stay and slay the boys but she rather shot a hole in the foot of her own plan by sitting on Darnell's lap in the pool and saying how she was going to come round and watch movies. Why would you say that to someone who had been so horrible to you? So I can't work Sara out still, and that's not good. And there will be the inevitable barrage of 'she's leading him on' again- sigh. Rex passing judgement was particularly galling; I hardly think he's in a position to be offering relationship advice. He doesn't care about Darnell, he just wants to blacken Sara's name.
Rex being nice to people in the final week isn't exactly a surprise. And they are so thick in there they might fall for it. Hopefully the general public won't.
Mohamed's moronic giggling at Rex's rampant misogyny was unpleasant. Rex bullying Darnell and Sara for simply getting on was just plain horrible.
Kat doesn't know what devious means? Yeah right. I'm glad Big Brother repeated it to hammer it home. Mo in the diary room: thick as shit.
Darnell: SHUT UP. Idiot! Just shut UP! The word 'martyr' is not sufficient for him.
Rex and Darnell proudly telling what insults they'd written down for Rachel was just mean-spirited. Her going 'OK... that's fine.' is so annoying though. It's NOT fine.
Things haven't been fine for quite some time.

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