Monday, 18 August 2008

Big Brother 9: What's wrong? Nothing.

Fuck off Kat, trying to teach Nicole to wait on Rex. Yeah she's a spoilt bitch, but it's not a woman's DUTY to cook for their partner, this isn't yesterday's Wife Swap. I'd make Rex his breakfast and drop it in his fucking lap, the arrogant cunt. Top marks to her for being so cruel to him then going 'can I have a fried egg please?'
How funny that Rex suddenly likes the other housemates now Nicole is being such an arsehole.
Urgh, Kat talking about her sex life. 15 times in a day?
Lisa on wasps: 'One sting can kill you.' Rex: 'It's not a fucking elephant.' WHAT?
Loved Mikey telling Nicole what was what. And Rex didn't even stand up for her! Rex seems so happy when she's not around, and even extra happy when she was truly miserable. He seemed to delight in sleeping in B-Block. He was the perkiest I've seen him in months.
It must be hard for Nicole, that she can't talk about the outside world, it would be a form of torture. It's not really fair how he put her on that pedestal then did that to her. I hope she does go out this week, and that her mum gives her a good talking to, and she escapes from the ivory tower and lightens up. Just dear God, don't let me see her and Rex on the cover of OK gloating about their forthcoming marriage or something in a months time. I think Luke and Rebecca's relationship is more credible. At least they LIKE each other.

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