Sunday, 17 August 2008

Big Brother 9: 'Do you remember what the last thing you saw was?'

Mikey, repugnant as he is, is the only one who sees exactly who Rex is (and ironically, he's blind). Lisa sees it a little bit, but only Mikey makes statements that are wholeheartedly true about Rex. And for that; I'm glad he's still there. Nicole's quizzing of Mikey about his blindness was insensitive in the extreme. You saw genuine emotion on his face as he discussed that, and suddenly he became human, not a freaky caricature of a man.
Rex: 'Only tourists have to pay to get into clubs.' Tourists and plebs, Sir Rex. I'm just waiting for him to describe the bus as a 'peasant wagon'.
Statues! Mo had the easiest position, I reckon. Sitting down, but the fat fuck still couldn't keep still. Why? He normally does it beautifully.
Rex as head of house. Good, at least it keeps him in for another week, can you imagine the house with no baddie? His Big Brother impression was chilling.
Mo, Mo, Mo. Bless, he thinks he and Rex will be friends outside the house. They aren't even friends INSIDE the house. And he thinks he's got a chance with Sarah? She's like a cock venus fly-trap.
Love's Young Dream were getting on as usual, with Rex urging her to walk out the door. Funny, when he was there alone, the only thing that mattered to him was her. Now he wants to win the show and for her to fuck off. Which leaves me thinking; if you offered Rex the moon on a stick, he'd want a gold-plated moon in the VIP area with diamonds on the stick. But he'd still hate himself and wonder how many sequins fell off Nicole's dress when she was giving head to that guy with the innie bellybutton.


Ossian said...

I just popped in to tell you that I accidentally saw ten seconds of Big Brother while trying to change channels as quickly as possible, and there was a guy on it who looked like Frankenstein*. But you probably knew that.

* Yes, I know, not Dr. Von Frankenstein or whatever - the monster.

lightupvirginmary said...

haha I think you mean Darnell! He's an albino!