Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Big Brother 9: Headbanger's Ball

My laptop is still dead, so here’s your bitesize offering. I cried for 45 minutes of yesterdays BB. Especially the letter from Mario: it was beautiful! Dale’s letter was crap, I’ve had more heartfelt postcards (in fact, a LOT more). Stuart crying was very moving, I’ve warmed to him this week, he’s not faking all that daughter stuff. You can tell he’s actually cut up. He’s still a gonk, though.
Mo’s crying was funny/ cute. Rachel is actually a saint (OK, 10% martyr, but 90% saint) for giving the housemates from hell their letters. I would have let them suffer. She’s is wholly nice: Luke never saw it, but it is true.
Dale describing what ‘underpinned’ meant to Lisa very eloquently. Then Darnell called him ‘super witty and smart as fuck.’ Has Dale had the worst edit in history? Surely not.
Rex choosing to view his own audition tape; what a vain, smug bastard. Did you see Nicole recoil from him again when they were in the hallway? Love’s young dream they aint.
The whole Sara/ Darnell thing got on my nerves; she leads him on a bit (and I wouldn’t say that lightly). What he said to her was nothing. She should have just let it go and got on with it, she’s not exactly a delicate flower like Rachel, is she? I think she likes the attention, and then when she gets it, she pretends she doesn’t want it. Boo.

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