Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Big Brother 9: 'I did not sleep one inch'

Nicole: 'I didn't sleep one inch!' I always wondered who voted Conservative, and then here is one prime example, and another one in Rex. Cuntsville! Thick, rich scum! Nice one. I'll be voting NICOLE at the end of the week. Actually, I won't, I've pissed away enough money this month.
Mikey: stop making me agree with you, a part of me dies inside every time. Lisa: Rachel is not some Mario-fancying black-hearted nemesis. It was weird Rachel called Lisa two-faced too, I don't think she is, actually. Their perceptions are all skew-whiff.
Nicole to Rex: 'You've kissed me enough!' Yeah because there is a finite number of kisses you can get from your beloved. Just admit you don't fancy him, you shrewish bint.
Mo nominated Sara for being nice to him. How peculiar.
Nicole: pulled her best lemon-sucking face when Rex was having a bit of a giggle. Don't even get me started on that bogey eating thing: I just didn't look at the screen for ten minutes. It's VILE! Why can't we vote Mo out this week? He is REVOLTING! I demand a recount.

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Marie-Louise Plum said...

I don't think I've ever cringed as much as when I heard Nicole scoffing about her political leanings this evening. What a pair (Rex and Nicole) of tedious and typical Tory twits. Just two more self-absorbed, superficial people to add to the midden.