Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Big Brother 9: It only hurts if you say 'ow'

Mikey was a bit creepy jiggling that water around with his bald head, wasn't he? A bit Gollum-esque.
Darnell's freestyle was pretty damn good I thought. The best white rapper since Eminem!
Nomination stations! Darnell nominated sensibly. How can more people not nominate Rex? I don't GET IT. Mikey's nominations were spot on, if WAY too loud.
The return of the expression; 'arse-licker'! Thanks Nicole for bringing that back, you are such a classy lady.
It's bizarre that Stuart and Rachel are up. They are two of the nicest people in the house, and it says a lot about how screwed the house is this year. That house is rotten to the core. Normally at the end you feel like good has won over evil, but I can't see it this year.
That sleeping/water thing is driving me nuts. The atmosphere in the house stinks! Mikey is like the dad from hell. Everyone's has got a bad attitude. Oh God, will it ever end? Do they have to dedicate so much time to the most irritating minor squabbles? It's like Science and the shopping all over again.
How can I care about a fight when I hate both sides and I have no idea what they're fighting about? Sara: sounds utterly moronic when she raises her voice. Why were Darnell and Stuart arguing? hey are both vaguely sensible. Mikey said 'I'm not here to make friends.' I watched that stupid youtube reality TV video where they had clips of a thousand reality losers saying it a zillion times. Mikey, you're a reality cliche!
What was Kat sulking about? Gettting a bit of water on her undercut? Rex imparting words of wisdom! It's like getting counselling from Mugabe! Lisa is an expert in bullshit, not life.
Did you see Rex's knob in his pants? It looked alright. But still! The ginger pubes lurk beneath.
You know it. I know it. Rex knows it. Probably Nicole doesn't, cos she's still getting flashbacks of all that luscious blonde, brown and black hair she ran her fingers through whilst Rex was banged up all summer. Hard luck, Rex.

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