Friday, 15 August 2008

Big Brother 9: 'My Ribs are Big'

Davina! You're too old to wear an Alice band. Soz.
Notable things from tonight: Lisa; 'wasps are the equivalent of a rattlesnake'. I liked BB telling them not to wear sunglasses indoors. Too right.
Rex and Girlfriend truly deserve each other: what a pair of cunt-rags. They are so selfish they can't even be arsed to be nice to each other. The way Rex speaks to Rachel is DISGUSTING. He's a disgrace. Mo has gone INSANE! If I was Kat I'd fear for my life locked up with him. You'd be safer locked in piranha tank. It's a health and safety issue. How RUDE was he to everyone? I would have got him a beer and emptied it in his crotch. Even so, I still want to stab Nicole in the face every time she disses him. What have YOU ever done for the house, you narky, spoilt little shrew? Fuck off! Loved Mikey daring to diss her. Mikey could win at this rate, just by being the voice of dissent.
Stuart: 'I'm a nice fungus, but you wouldn't want to keep me forever.' WHAT!? It turned out to be true, as Rachel stayed, and I was glad just to see Rex's face.
OMG- Stuarts stage-dive was ACE! Rock n roll! Haha did no one really catch him? That was amazing! I heard he was a Moz fan tonight too! Cool bananas. That stage-dive was the most interesting thing he did EVER. He looked dazed after. That moment will go down in BB history; unlike any of the rest of the series.
Q: why did they never show Stu putting on his guyliner and mascara? No mattter how much slap you put on, you can't disguise your manky old face.
My resounding feeling about Stuart is that he doesn't have the SLIGHTEST clue who he is. Which is OK at 15, but past 25 and it's just looking pathetic.
Still: he was alright. Unlike Rex, Mo, Kat, Mikey, Nicole. Lisa to win. It's the only sane result, and NO ONE is expecting it. Except Mario.

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