Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Big Brother 9: Swinging from Dicks

Well done Darnell, that comment was right up there from the Anthony Hutton school of sexism. Just cos she doesn't want to sleep with YOU and you're a virgin, she's a slut. So Sara is flirty and has an annoying voice. So she did lead Darnell on a little, then turn her attentions to Stu. That doesn't make her a slag, or a slut, or any of the other narrow-minded little preconceptions you've been force-fed since birth. It does, however, make you a misogynist. As is Rex, who declared 'there's no problem here' as Kat cried her eyes out. I personally couldn't give two fucks about Kat, but there's not NOT a problem just because Rex declares it so.
Rex is a nasty, sexist cunt, and Mo is a snivelling dick for laughing at his offensive jokes. Rex, your coat is disgusting. Darnell; so what if Sara has slept with a bunch of blokes? At least she's been out living whilst you've been sitting at home whining and self pitying.
I personally feel Rex, Darnell and Mo should be thrown out for that conversation. It was highly offensive and cruel. I hate the fact they think they've won it and that Sara would never have a chance (how they feel about Lisa too). Please let her beat Rex.
Interesting that she could stand up to Darnell but not to Rex. Rex is a unique sort of bully, finding her weakness (Stu) then exploiting it.
Rex constantly declares he's 'only joking' whilst being supremely cruel. Darnell called her 'an ugly bitch'! She's 12 billion times out of his league. The things he said about her were vile 'I hope she comes out crying'. I hope he gets the boot. Gross. No one stood up for her either. Not one person. Disgraceful. I hate Darnell now. Absolute bastard. Rex is doubly sly though, going 'are you alright?' when he started it.
Absolutely maddening.

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