Saturday, 16 August 2008

Big Brother 9: Love's Young Dream

Rex and Nicole! Maybe one day I can be this happy in a relationship. I can only hope!
As much as I want to defend Mo, because he has been the house kicking boy since day one, I also do want to just give him a fucking kick too, because he's an arse. He IS lazy, greedy, dull. He IS! God, I literally can't stomach him any longer.
I knew that story Mikey told about the necrophiliac AND the one Darnell told. Why would you use a condom to fuck a corpse though? Nicole proved herself to be thick beyond words during that conversation. I'd pity her if she wasn't such a cunt.
I was surprised Rex was having a heart to heart with Kat. Rex: 'I'm very good in relationships.' Yeah; and I'm incredibly tactful. Is he nuts!? Nicole's defence: 'I get you coffee, I say good luck to you.' For god's sake, just say 'I'M NOT YOUR FUCKING SLAVE, REX.' Relationships aren't about what you can get out of people. You do things for your partner because you love them. You can't force them to do the same if they don't care.
Wtf was Lisa up to for the entire episode? Does she need someone to chat to or what?!
The argument with Rex and Nicole was hard to follow, as they cut out the meat of it, so how do I know what's right or wrong? But what I DO know was wrong was Rex having a go at Nicole for saying she wanted Stu to stay. She meant that utterly innocently. How awful to have your every comment ripped into like that. Poor cow.
I saw some of Rachel's party on the live feed last night, and it was pure comedy. Her singing in particular was hilarious. Kat's: not so much.
They didn't even quiz Stuart on Sarah, did they, despite her banging on about it. Davina's interviews are absolute shit lately, but then Stuart was concussed throughout.
And then we get Rex and Nicole cuddling in bed. That relationship makes a plunging to a watery grave on the Titanic look like a dream holiday. Book me up!

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