Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Big Brother 9: Double Eviction (Cookie Hate)

How many different ways can I say I hate these people? Mo not giving Sara fags. Rex calling Rachel a pig (go kick a kitten instead, Rex). Kat's ickle sad face. Darnell: your misogynistic rant has not been forgotten. Sara; nice but just too, too needy. Mikey; the dictionary definition of creepy.
The goading of Sara over a simple eye mask was bizarre. I have an eye mask! I'm not a bondage freak! Oh, wait...
Rex vs the wasp: who's the biggest prick? That wasp had the right idea. Rex calling Rachel 'a dreamer' like it was an insult... sad.
The only good thing I can say about this final week is at least there's a bit of tension, and it could go any way for the final (not that I'll see it as I'll be in Amsterdam!)
It was kind of sad when Mo went, only cos it was a shock and they blubbed a bit. He should have been booed more though! He's gross. Who's want his manky dressing gown?
Mo interview. Davina went easy; in fact the only person i've seen her be an arse to recently is Lisa. You think he might have looked ashamed as they basically called him a fat cunt. But no. He was proud as punch. Interesting seeing him go in- he looked a stone thinner. Did Dennis gobbing in his face not make it to his best bits? In fact, it had been wiped from history. How unlike Big Brother to brush something like that under the carpet.
Kat: 'Big brother, please don't take any more of my friends away.' Ok, then, why don't you leave instead, you insincere bint. She was CERTAIN she was a shoe-in. And less people liked her than Rex. Hahahahahahaaa! I found the weeping and wailing hilarious. Her at the top of the stairs... 'Happy happy house... boo hoo...' Then: Boooooooo! See ya. That's entertainment.
That sucked that she was happy again after the break. Did someone give her a chocolate chip cookie? Glad they stitched her up in the interview. Didn't buy the whole Care Bear Friends Forever/ 5-year-old act. In fact... it was mildly sinister and teeth-grindingly annoying.
That was a classic BB eviction in more ways than one. The mighty have fallen. But the question remains. Why is Rex still in that house? Then I look at him, all sweaty and arrogant but still running rings around them all, and with a veneer of intelligence. And I think, anything could happen. And after the slog of this series, that's something to look forward to.

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