Wednesday, 17 September 2008

She's in Fashion: Side Ponytails

Fashion! Not my usual forte, but I've noticed the resurgence of the side ponytail in the soaps of late. I've been rocking it for one, then Nicole (aka Rex's girlfriend) had a ratty one for her eviction (not cool).
In Corrie I've spotted two, first on Fizz (always fashion forward, our Fizz) and then Becky with giant gold heart earrings. Also wearing hers with Ratners-style chav jewellery (chewellery?) was Whitney, the kiddy-fiddler's delight in Endersville. Whilst the side ponytail is not as iconically cool as the fringe, which will never go out of fashion, the good thing about it is, it's just temporary.
It also looks good on six-year-olds.
Becky in Corrie has been quite a fashion inspiration lately; looking like a gum-chewing Pepperami with a dirty-blonde wig on. Stacey in Eastenders though has a whole market stall to choose from so there's no excuse for that leopard-print binbag. Perhaps she couldn't shift it.
It was weird when Bianca came back to Enders still wearing that same silver Puffa jacket; if she couldn't hang onto six or seven men, why would she bother carting that thing from council house to council house? I fucking hate Bianca, but I digress.
I used to quite like the things Violet wore in Corrie, before she fucked off with Jamie and Sean forgot about them in 2.5 seconds. But former trend-setter Janice isn't the same since she lost a few stone and ditched that fleece with the horses on though. RIP.
PS: what is the point of that Polish woman in Corrie? She had ONE storyline where her mate died due to a trip hazard (Mario was right!) and that's IT. She's got less of a character than Tracey in Eastenders! I want to know if she's really Polish though, but I always forget to look at the end credits.
Next thing to remember: to get a life.


Anonymous said...

That Polish woman actually had other stories, first she had the underwear parties and then the one where she was torn over whether to grass up Craig Charles's gf for nicking knickers from Underworld. If only Nicky Tilsley had been in that episode I could have had a riot with that sentence.


The Riminator x

lightupvirginmary said...

but is she polish OR merely a fantastic (!) actor?

Andy Borehol said...

Who am I, or who was I?

I bet Franz Ferdinand don't remember either.

Nevertheless, I'm sure they have some derisive response for these kind of situations. Well, you might expect that to be the case.

lightupvirginmary said...

Bloody Franz Ferdinand; you never liked them and I went off them about halfway through that gig I seem to recall.
I didn't forget you; you were just being cryptic. Now I understand your photo.
How's the world of science/ old man accents? I have news; my scabby eye finally cleared up. Yum!

Andy Borehol said...

As I recall, Franz Ferdinand took an inordinate amount of time to appear.

Engineering is the new science. No accent is the new old man accent.

Congratulations on your scab less eye...