Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sunday Afternoon Listening

So since TV is dead to me, I downloaded a couple of albums to listen to. Disclaimer: I'm not reviewing these properly, just giving vague, mildly offensive sweeping statements. Firstly, Jenny Lewis's album Acid Tongue. I was quite hopeful after the first song but then it went downhill rapidly. Don't get me wrong, it's not as bad as the last Rilo Kiley album (or was that her solo? I've forgotten and can't be arsed to check my facts if she can't be arsed to write good songs anymore). But does the world need another song called Fernando? Not this one they don't. I actually miss the country music. Weird. The song 'Godspeed' was alright, like a sub-par Rilo Kiley song. But that is faint praise indeed. The song 'carpetbagger' was particularly objectional; especially as I thought it was something rude and it turned out to be something boring (and that bloke's singing on it was dire). So yeah, don't bother with that.
Next I decided to have a go at The Streets new album Everything is Borrowed. Look's like Mike Skinner got a new Casio keyboard for Christmas! The lyrics seemed lazy, and the tempo seemed very similar from song to song. I only really like two Streets songs, Turn the Page & Blinded by the Light. I still only like those two. His videos can be quite funny though, but then so can any old shit. Pass!
PS: TV is not dead to me. We're just squabbling. In fact Eastenders was dead good the other night, with Bianca's husband and her daughter and stuff. I even got a laugh or two out of the X Factor.


Shep said...

Is it me, or is that new Streets album a bit...religious...?

lightupvirginmary said...

yes, it was a bit evangelical, either that or the sound of mike skinner disappearing up his own arse.

Andy Borehol said...

This last blog wasn't in Spanish and didn't consist entirely of digital photographs.

The only trouble was the name sounded familiar from somewhere. It was difficult to say where.

The fringe might have given it away. Though instead we all laughed. Making wagers as to exactly how many distant printers probably still didn't work. That and how awkward the tube is for short people. And all that fuss, to turn someone away. Before they'd even said the magic word.

The very mention of it causing an hilarious furore...

lightupvirginmary said...

well riddle me this, that's confusing. You either used to work at CR-UK or you've read FAKG... and yes, I'm short and angry on the tube.
'And all that fuss, to turn someone away. Before they'd even said the magic word.' This is the most curious part.